How to Start a Blog for Your Business

Blogging directs potential customers to your website.

Blogging directs potential customers to your website.

You may think that social media is just a phase, that you don’t really need it to reach your potential customers.

But the reality is, creating an audience for your website is one of the best ways to attract people to your business.

And how do you do that? By using social media, including blogs.

Take it from us: it really isn’t as scary as you think.

Building a Blog for Your Business

Blogging can help your business in so many ways, but it’s really all about drawing in and connecting with an audience who will turn into loyal customers.

While it’s important to remember that each business requires a tailored approach (one size does not fit all), the steps you use to create a blog apply to all:

    Step 1: Think About Your Audience

    Who are you writing your blog for? Who are your customers? Who are you trying to attract to your blog and, ultimately, your website?

    Step 2: Think About Your Message and Your Content

    What do you want to communicate to your audience? What do you want your audience to know about your product and your business? What do you think your audience wants to read about? What topics and/or messages will help you gain the trust of your audience?

    Step 3: Topics and Keywords

    Once you have the audience, the message and the content in your mind, it’s time to start coming up with topics. Topics should add to the conversation happening in your field, provide people with a new way to think about something and help establish your brand. You can generate ideas by looking at other blogs, conducting market research to see how you can better meet people’s needs online and thinking of ways to show interest in what’s important to your consumer base.

    Step 4: Write!

    Once you have your audience, your message and your content in mind, come up with some blog topics and begin writing. The only way to get a blog out there is to write, write and then write some more.

    Step 5: Remember the Purpose of a Blog

    Before you begin writing your content, keep in mind that the job of a blog is to inform, to create a sense of trust, of camaraderie, of knowledge. It needs to establish your brand and build a loyal community.

Blogging really isn’t all that difficult; it just takes practice and adjustment. Do your research beforehand and you’ll have a great blog to attract, and hold, customers.

But if you ever need help, don’t forget your friends at—we’re happy to help in any way we can.