How Old is Your Domain and Does it Matter?

Ever wonder why businesses that have been around for a while tell you how long they have conducted business? Because it builds perceived trust, expertise, credibility and stability in the eyes of consumers. Similarly, online domains that have stood the test of time project some favorable images to consumers and search engines that newer ones can’t.

Two Main Advantages of Older Domains

Unlike the health issues and lost physique that can arise as a result of an aging human body, aged domain names have some distinct advantages. They include:

Aged Domains Build Trust: When your site has continually held a firm online presence for many years, it shows that you are in it for the long haul. You are demonstrating to the search engines that your site is not a “fly by night” endeavor that will more than likely be abandoned within the year. 

An older domain name has also had the time to gain favorable reputations in the eyes of both consumers and search engines alike. By staying updated and keeping track of current trends, people and search engines like Google begin to trust your site. Clearly, this trust takes time—exactly what an old domain has.

Aged Domains Acquire Reputable Backlinks: Backlinks are one of the most important factors in boosting your visibility in the organic search results. These links cannot be quickly acquired or magically applied because other sites need to know that you are a quality site to link with. Aged domains have had plenty of time to build trust and a plethora of crucial backlinks that help search engines understand the value of your site. 

More experience, updates and time online means better chances of reaching high ranking in the search engines. So, don’t just think about what is hot now when you’re considering adopting a domain name; think timelessness and legacy. Build trust by letting your domain age, gain backlinks and persevere to acquire the top spots in the SERPS. Be in it for the long haul; commitment and persistence go along way in the world of online business.