The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tweeters: #7 Double Check Links Before Tweeting

We’ve all had this experience before. You see an e-mail with a subject like, “This is So Funny” and expect the content to be a joke or a humorous picture. Instead, the e-mail contains some sort of marketing material with a failed attempt at being amusing.

You might have felt like your time was wasted—or violated because the subject had absolutely nothing to do with what the sender led you to believe.

The same thing happens on Twitter and is a key tactic of annoying tweeters.

Sending tweets out with links attached to them is a great way to engage followers with interesting information about what’s going on in the field or to build traffic for your website. But always make sure those links work—and never misleading followers to visit an unrelated link.

Are you an Annoying Tweeter?

Be honest: have you sent out a tweet with a link that’s just a marketing technique designed to draw people in without actually following through on a promise or claim?

If so, you might be an annoying tweeter.

Not to worry, though. You have the power to alter your interactions to be positive. Always check the link to make sure that it works. Make sure that the subject is directly related to what is linked. And, like in the real world, always build relationships on trust.