The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Tweeters: #3 Don’t Be a TattleTale

If you want to be effective on Twitter, be willing to promote others who are doing great things in your community, your industry, your life…and avoid getting caught up in emotionally-charged tweets about what someone has or hasn’t done for you. In other words: don’t be a tattletale.

As we’ve stated before, a tattletale is someone who is overly concerned with the actions of others—to an unhealthy degree. We often see tattletales come in to play when someone does not follow them back. And we can tell you this much: if you want to grow a substantial, relevant and engaged audience, don’t try to shame people into following you.

It’s okay if someone you follow doesn’t follow you back. Don’t take it personally. Move on and appreciate the audience you do have. Remember, Twitter is about forming relationships; not building numbers for the sake of ego.

Are you an Annoying Tweeter?

If you find yourself tweeting things like, “@soandso didn’t follow me back. What’s wrong with you?” or “@soanddo doesn’t follow people back,” you just might be an annoying tweeter.

Not to worry though. You can redeem yourself by turning a new leaf—one of genuine appreciation for the followers you do have. Start building community by showing interest in what others are doing and you’ll be on your way to becoming a highly effective tweeter.