The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tweeters: #1 Prescheduling Tweets Correctly

Last month, we wrote about annoying habits on Twitter. We had a great response through Twitter and thought we’d build on that theme in the following series: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tweeters.

One of the most annoying habits on Twitter is prescheduling tweets incorrectly.

That means, to be an effective tweeter, you need to know how to preschedule tweets correctly (we know…we’re talking rocket science here:)).

To Preschedule or Not to Preschedule

Of course, there’s a lot of debate over whether or not you should preschedule or automate tweets at all. As long as you’re prescheduling tweets to help you manage engagement and not replace engagement, we see nothing wrong with it. In fact, great tweeters do it all the time.

How to Preschedule Tweets…the Highly Effective Way

So, how do you manage engagement through prescheduling tweets?

It starts with having a clear idea of the story you want your brand to tell. Great storytellers are actively engaged with their audience. They have a general idea of where they want to end up, but the details of the story evolve based on listener response.

The same is true with tweeting.

Preschedule tweets that align with your company’s values, that help establish you as an industry leader, that enable you to tell your brand’s story. Schedule them to post throughout the day—not in rapid succession, but in a thoughtfully planned out plotline.

But don’t stop there.

Throughout the day, engage with your audience.




Much like character development in storytelling, use engagement to develop your brand’s personality.

By developing a personality for your brand, you enable people to better connect with your business. To develop a relationship with your business.

And that is the key to Twitter (and any social media platform, really): making your business relatable.

Are you an Annoying Tweeter?

Tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck can be great tools to help you manage engagement. But when you automate your tweets for the next 3 weeks and don’t do any real-time engagement with your audience, you just may be an annoying tweeter.

But, there’s hope. Take some time to learn the art of storytelling, to listen to your audience. And begin your journey to becoming a highly effective tweeter! 🙂