Google Reputation Management

Google Reputation

Wow! Just heard Andy Beal’s talk on Google reputation management at PubCon. As the CEO of Trackur, the leading expert in online reputation tracking and management, Andy discussed 5 keys to Google reputation management that we now share with you:

1.       Rethink Keywords

Your online marketing strategy needs to carefully incorporate key term phrases across a variety of platforms. You should have specific pages on your site geared toward online reputation management; you should also maintain other sites you have control or influence over in such a way as to gain traction in the search engines for relevant key term phrases.

2.       Make sure Pages are Spider Friendly

As you create pages for the purpose of reputation management, it is important to ensure crawl-ability by the search engine spiders. If the search engines cannot easily index and rank the copy you create, you are hindering your ability to be found online for relevant key term phrases.

 3.       Talk about yourself in the Third Person

By writing about your company in the third person voice, you can incorporate your company’s name into the content more frequently.

4.       Anchor Text should include your Company Name

When creating anchor text, be sure to use your company name, the products you offer and/or the services you provide—whatever you’re targeting—to bolster your presence in the search engines for these terms.

 5.       Link your Social Media Sites (and Sites you have Control or Influence over) from your Homepage

By linking your ancillary sites from your homepage, you give them extra credibility. With extra credibility comes higher search rankings. With higher search rankings, you can more easily manage your reputation in the SERPs.

If you are concerned about Google reputation management, it’s important to be conducting an audit every month to look at the first thirty results that come up for your company and the key words you’re concerned with. Use this information to tailor a strategy to your unique online reputation management needs.

The key to Google reputation management is to be proactive. By taking the time to manage your online presence through your website, blogs, social media and partner sites, you can minimize the effect of negative communication about your company, brand, product and/or service. provides effective online reputation management as part of our services. Contact us to learn how we can help you take control over your online image today!