Google Boost: A New Way to Promote your Business

google-boostGoogle Boost is the newest way to promote your business’ Places Page on Google. It appears in the sponsored results section at the top of the page, it’s marked with a blue pin/marker (instead of the standard red pin/marker used to identify Google Places pages), and it gets YOU noticed!

Here’s how it works:

  • You select business categories for your ad
  • You create your ad text
  • You set a budget
  • And Google does the rest
  • Easy!

For the business owner who wants a “set it and forget it” online Google ad campaign, this is it.

Unlike a typical PPC campaign which demands time, energy and know-how to effectively manage, Google does all of that for you with Boost. In fact, Google will create your ad, choose key words to target and manage everything for you.  You only pay when a potential client clicks your Google Boost ad.

But just because Google manages all the details of your Boost campaign doesn’t mean you are trusting them blindly. They provide you with access to a simple dashboard that allows you to see the number of people who see your ad, the number of people who click on your ad, the cost of the ad and top search phrases that drive impressions (the number of people who have the opportunity to see your ad) and actions (the number of people who click your ad).

And you won’t just see your Google Boost ad in the sponsored results of the SERPs, your business will also stand out from the rest on Google Maps with a blue pin/marker amidst a sea of red pins/markers. Also, Google Boost ads appear in iPhone and Android search results with “click to call” enabled; a potentially huge benefit as more consumers embrace smart phones for local search.

If you’re interested in trying Google Boost, remember, it only works with a verified Places page. As businesses start to adopt this new advertising platform in the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be able to better gauge the benefits of participating in this program. Contact us to find out more.