#1 Most Overlooked Component of Good SEO

154294699 (1)When it comes to building a strong SEO campaign, much effort is exerted in designing a strategy that will yield high rankings. And that’s as it should be. But all too often, an important component is overlooked: conversions.

If your website ranks high, but doesn’t get you more business, something is wrong. 

To effectively optimize a website, you have to remember that you are working to please two audiences: 1) the search engines and 2) people. Each audience is equally important—and your SEO campaign should be designed to reach maximum results with both.

As you consider SEO as part of your Internet marketing strategy for your Albuquerque business, remember that the ultimate goal is to make your site accessible to the people who are actively searching for you so that you can get more clients.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when developing your SEO strategy:

    Target Audience

    To help drive conversions, you need to clearly identify your target audience. Understand what motivates them to seek your products or services so you can craft your SEO strategy around meeting their needs.

    Key Word Phrases

    Once you’ve identified your target audience, keyword research should be done to determine how they’re searching for you online. Go for phrases that people are actually using to find the products/services you provide. 

    Web Design

    Your website should be designed to build trust with potential clients, meet people’s needs and drive people through your conversion funnel. Integrating professional web design with strong copywriting is imperative.

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