Getting Business from Facebook

A few tips for nailing down new customers.

A few tips for nailing down new customers.

By now, you’ve heard about how Facebook can be a great tool for securing new and returning business. You are told to gain as many followers as you can so they can see your posts and share your business with their friends.

So, how do you get those fans to visit your business?

Turning Fans into Customers

Create an engaging Facebook page that directs people back to your business by:

  • Creating trust through regular interaction with fans
  • Completely filling out your profile with a business description, location and phone numbers
  • Incorporating regular, shareable posts that link back to your website
  • Posting regular updates about your blog or related articles
  • Using clear calls-to-action that give your followers incentive to act
  • Expanding your reach by engaging your fans in contests or interactive posts
  • Posting descriptive invitations to upcoming events
  • Encouraging discussion among your fans
  • Giving your fans a “face” to associate your business with—post pictures and videos

Most importantly, keep your posts positive and uplifting—your fans will enjoy reading posts from a friendly business!

Your Social Media Geeks

Still not sure about how you want to go about engaging your fans on Facebook? If you’re having doubts about how to interact, don’t worry! Contact us at to be your team of social media geeks! We’re happy to help!