First Comes Love…

Valentine's Day BrandingNot only is Valentine’s Day the leading day for rose purchases in the U.S., but it’s also one of the top well-branded holidays right behind Christmas and Halloween.

Jewelry, candy, flowers, and dinner are all items we normally purchase for a loved one on February 14th, but how did a normal day become such a big deal?

Branding. Marketing.

Then Comes Branding…

Valentine’s Day has been known to have several origins, ranging from a celebratory feast to honor St. Valentine to the imprisonment of a man named Valentine for marrying people when it was against the law.

As history has many tales of how the holiday began, we can all agree Valentine’s Day is much different than when it started, becoming more of a day for sweethearts, fancy dinners, and specific purchases.

How did that happen? Nowadays, establishing your brand and marketing your products are powerful ways to stand out, just like Valentine’s Day. By creating a new look, feel and voice that people will enjoy, you can successfully grow your business.

Lead by example. Start marketing your brand before you miss your window of opportunity. With the explosion of Valentine’s Day, how can anyone disagree that this holiday is much more prominent due to marketing?

Then Comes Sales…

In today’s world, advertising and promotion have become more digital than not. Online marketing provides businesses with the ability to expose their brand through different outlets like social media and blogging.

Businesses include web marketing into their marketing strategy in order to reach a targeted audience that will purchase their services or products—improving customer retention.

Brand Development and Loyalty

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