Facebook Insights we Gleaned from Dan Zarrella at PubCon

couple looking at laptopHubSpot’s Dan Zarrella is always impressive. And today didn’t disappoint! Here’s what we took away from Dan’s Facebook session at PubCon today:

Know your Audience

Nothing you do on Facebook will be of any value if you don’t understand who’s there. While it’s true, people across all age groups are largely active on Facebook, younger people have more friends and wall posts—they’re more engaged. Another interesting fact: men and women have about the same number of friends, but women have more posts on their wall. Women are talking and being talked to more than men on Facebook.

Make your Users Look Cool

To appeal to Facebook’s primary and influential users, you’re page can’t just be cool, it’s got to make your users look cool. To become part of the conversation and gain visibility for your page, you’ve got to provide a unique value that enhances people’s social lives. Make your brand fun. Make your brand social.

Use the Right Words

Dan pointed out that the articles that get shared the most on Facebook contain one or more of the following words:

  • Sex
  • Positive
  • Learning
  • Media
  • Work
  • Constructive

The main point here is to avoid being negative—it’s positivity that sells on Facebook!

Write Simply

Facebook is not the place to show off your impressive vocabulary. In fact, as the complexity of your words and sentence structures increases, the likelihood of it being shared decreases. Dan suggested that you should strive to write like USA Today…and avoid sounding like the New York Times. When it comes to Facebook, nouns and verbs work best; limit adverbs and adjectives.

Put these things into practice and see what it does for you! Happy Facebooking! 🙂