NEWS UPDATE: Facebook Modifies Functionality for Fan Pages

This afternoon, Facebook announced that individuals on Facebook will now be able to tag fan pages in photos. People with Facebook profiles are no longer limited to tagging their friends, but beloved brands as well!

Interestingly, people don’t have to ‘like’ a page before they tag it. This could be good and bad.

Sure, it allows anyone to sing the praises of brands they love, but there’s also the potential for disgruntled consumers to tag businesses in photos that represent a negative experience. But that just means businesses need to be even more vigilant about monitoring their online reputation.

When a business is tagged in a photo, it will appear on their photos tab, unless you choose to disable tagged photos from appearing on your tab.

Our take on this: why would you disable this feature? There is more value in knowing what’s being said or communicated about you than cutting yourself off from that information.

When you know what’s being communicated about you, you have the opportunity to make things right. When you don’t know, the message has the potential to spread beyond anything you can control or mitigate.

But, there’s more. This new feature has the potential to create even greater interaction between consumers and brands, creating the opportunity to establish brand loyalty like never before.

For most businesses, this feature has no impact since it currently only applies to pages labeled as “Brands & Products” or “People;” however, Facebook is hoping to add this feature to other types of pages in the future. Hang on to your hats!