Facebook Etiquette

This blog series about Facebook has covered all of the basic topics from why your business should be on Facebook, to what and when to post, the demographics of people using Facebook, where businesses are seeing results with Facebook, and how to manage your Facebook account. In this final entry it’s time to take a look at Facebook etiquette.

Having your business on Facebook is a great online marketing step, especially when you engage in conversation with potential clients and customers that have ‘Like’-ed your page. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to Facebook etiquette so you don’t unwittingly commit a faux pas that negatively impacts your reputation with fans.

Here are some general etiquette tips for Facebook:

  • Don’t overload your fans. You can have too much of a good thing—and posting too much content to your Facebook wall can be more negative than positive. Posting too often can become annoying to fans and make your business page seem more like spam rather than a unique and interesting page.
  • Keep business and personal lives separate. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally posting some off topic updates that show your personality. In fact, this can be a great way to engage your fans when it’s part of a larger marketing strategy. But when your page become laden with opinions and irrelevant information, people will forget the purpose of your page, become disenchanted and find a business that better meets their needs through social media.
  • Engage in conversation and don’t ignore your fans. You want to present your business as willing to acknowledge feedback. The more attention your business receives on Facebook, the more comments that will be posted to your wall. You want to be sure you’re responding enough to show your fans that you’re actively engaged, but you still want to be judicious enough to not spend all of your time replying to everything. Reply to comments that can help your business and its reputation.
  • Focus on your fans. We know it sounds like odd advice, but it can actually hurt your social media marketing efforts to talk too much about yourself on your Facebook page. Always make sure that information you post is pertinent to your fans…and piques their interest. If you’re running a special, craft the message in such a way as to make Facebook fans feel special; don’t just blast information.

Sometimes it can be difficult to avoid wanting to use Facebook as a form of directory advertising. Facebook would seem like the perfect platform to just get all of your information out there and keep it flowing. Facebook, however, doesn’t work that way.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to make information about your business visible to millions of users, but it’s a little more complicated than old ways of advertising. Any form of social media, like Facebook, is incredibly fast-paced. You need to be sure your page is well-managed to include updates and opportunities for interaction.

Over the past few days, you’ve learned about how social media can help your business. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can connect your business to the larger world around you. They’re great forms of advertising and should be a part of your overall online marketing strategy. Remember that social media is fun, effective, and a friend to business.