Why every Business should run a Facebook Contest


Beat the competition with a competition!

The truth is, you’re missing out if you aren’t taking advantage of your Facebook page to help you grow your business. With around 1 billion users, the possibilities for growth and interaction are almost endless. That’s not to say that users will just find you if you don’t have a strategy to reach out to them. Keeping active interest in your Facebook page by regularly updating your status, interacting with customers and running effective contests or campaigns will help your business stay fresh on their minds.

Invaluable Returns

Hosting a Facebook contest every so often can keep your customer interaction (and their opinion of your business) positive. Most everyone loves a good, friendly competition every once in awhile! Running a Facebook contest from time to time can be invaluable because:

  • The contest gives you direct access to an invested customer base. That means the people who are participating in your contest are the ones paying attention to your statuses, using your services and telling their friends about you. What’s not to love?
  • You’ll be able to attract more fans. Depending on your contest rules (be sure to pay attention to Facebook guidelines) and procedures, you may get more “likes” because of the amount of new visitors to your page.
  • You can learn more about your customer base. Hosting a competition will let you know what your fans like, how they communicate and what motivates them to act.
  • Your business will be able to be promoted through your participants. The rules you set can have them sharing your content, requesting that their friends participate, and being an ambassador for your business.
  • You can revitalize your content. Seriously, there’s nothing like competition to make people pay attention to what your business is up to.

Updating your page with a contest can draw attention to your page and quality content can keep it there.

Up Next: How to Run an Effective Facebook Contest

Now that you know why your business should be running contests every so often, check back for our next blog for how to make them effective. We’ll discuss best practices for engaging customers!