Features of an Effective Facebook Contest

Get them talking about you!

Get them talking about you!

In the last blog, we talked about why running a Facebook contest is so important for your business. It can increase your fan base, get people talking about your business, and allow you to directly interact with your customers.

But what qualities make a Facebook contest effective?

Qualities that your Contest Should Have to Succeed

Rushing to put together a contest last-minute can set your contest up for failure. Running a solid contest is like organizing a great marketing campaign—you need a good strategy. Take some time to:

  • Evaluate your goals. Is your goal to get more fans for your page? Or is it to increase mentions of your business on Facebook? Clearly defining your end-goal will help you track whether or not you succeeded. You’ll have great information to compare your next contest’s results, too.
  • Do your research. Knowing your goals can help you find previous contests that have been successful for other businesses. Look at what other companies did right and understand what you can do to improve on the contest and tailor it to your audience.
  • Solidify your plan and establish rules. How will you determine a winner? What can the participants do to promote themselves? Also, pay very close attention to Facebook rules.
  • Interact with your customers. Understanding them will allow you to know what kind of prizes they’ll be interested in and how they like to interact with you and their friends on social media. There’s nothing like an awesome prize to get the competition going!
  • Decide how you will announce and notify the winner. After all, what’s a contest without a winner? Depending on the scale and time frame of your contest, you might want to think about including other forms of social media to promote and notify your fans about the results.

Don’t leave your Facebook contest results to chance—clearly defining these terms before you begin!

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