Engaging Clients at Every Step

Importance of Engaging Clients

Cultivating lasting relationships with clients has never been easier—or harder—than it is now. While there are a variety of social media platforms through which you can connect with clients and establish meaningful relationships, it’s also easier than ever for consumers to comparison shop your business with others around the world. To make sure you are engaging clients and fostering that all important relationship that keeps them coming to you with their business, consider reaching out to consumers at every step of the buying process.

Before the Sale

Mailing a circular with coupons to the mass public is simply not enough anymore; you must join the Digital Age. According to a recent In-Store Marketing Institute survey of U.S. shoppers who have used at-home digital shopping tools, 73% of responders take advantage of printable Web coupons, 63% browse online circulars, 62% consult ratings/reviews, 58% read emails/news from brands, 57% respond to Facebook posts and offers, 53% use promotions on retailer Web sites, and 40% read co-branded emails.

If you are not using one of these vital communication tools, consumers may not realize the benefits they would receive through your business. Give customers money-saving offers regularly, and you are more likely to gain a steady flow of clientele.

During the Sale

While customers are physically in your store, it is crucial to not only interact with them but also allow digital interaction. Encourage your clients to “Check in” with social media outlets and provide the best shopping experience possible with touchscreen digital signage and text-to-win promotions. A fun, interactive day of shopping can certainly prove to be rewarding for both customers and store owners.

After the Sale

Once clients have exited your store or completed your services, you should not completely remove yourself from their lives until the next time you are needed. Suggest to your customers to rate and review their shopping experience in an online forum such as Facebook, Yelp, or your own site; positive reviews encourage more customers to check you out for themselves. You can also make special offers available through emails, Facebook fanship, or Twitter followings to keep people engaged with your company well after they’ve completed their business transaction.

When clients recognize that you care about them, it will be harder for them to turn to your competitors. Extend loyalty to your customers so they can extend it back to you. It is time for businesses to recognize the advantages of technology at every point of a transaction. With each new technological breakthrough, a new, exciting business opportunity is born.