Do People Love Your Web Site?

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How to Attain Effective Search Engine Optimization Placement

Everyone wants a website that is hip, attention-grabbing and provides a pleasant user experience. Yet, capturing the interest of online visitors is easier said than done.

So, how do you appeal to Internet users? And better yet, how do you know if they value your website or if it is a big snooze?

Generally, Internet users have specific tastes for what they like and don’t like in website design and >web content. Re-examine your website. The following flaws may turn visitors off from your site:

  • Clashing color combinations
  • Fonts that are too big or too small
  • Slow loading images or flash presentations
  • Me-focused content
  • Broken links
  • Outdated web design
  • Hard to move within the site (navigate)
  • No content

When appealing to Internet users, you need to get inside their heads and write content (and engineer your design) to address their needs—not your own.

For example, you shouldn’t highlight your mission statement on the homepage. The homepage (and subsequent pages) should be geared towards what your business can do for the consumer.

This consumer-focused content will turn more heads than a biographical paragraph about the founding of your business. Online consumers are only interested in what you can do for them and how you can help meet their needs.

This isn’t because Internet users are innately selfish; being inundated with so much information forces Internet users to quickly decide what is of use to them, and what is not.

SEO Isn’t Guesswork: Check Your Web Analytics

Search engine optimization isn’t a shot in the dark. With good SEO you receive sophisticated tracking capabilities so that you can understand your Internet visitors—how they interact with your site, what interests them, and what aspects of your website need the most work.

Gone are the days when webmasters would have to guess if they were reaching their target audience and blindly employ trial-and-error techniques to increase traffic.

With search engine optimization, you know exactly where you stand with online visitors, and you can modify your website to accommodate their particular needs.

This may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to reaching a target audience, receiving hard statistics can spell the difference between alienating your audience and delivering quality, relevant information for your visitors.

At, we know what it takes to build a website that Internet users will love! After achieving effective search engine optimization placement for your website, we will continually track and monitor your site’s success to ensure that it appeals to your potential online customers!