Don’t Ignore Google+

Google+ is here.

Okay. It’s been here awhile now, but many businesses aren’t using it to its full potential (or at all). Google +

You may think that joining yet another social network isn’t worth the time. You’re already on Facebook and Twitter, right?

While it’s true that you need to judiciously choose where you invest in social media, ignoring Google+ may not be the best idea.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Google+ boasts more than 90 million users—and they’re still counting. Sure, Twitter has nearly double the users and Facebook, well, Facebook blows them all out of the water, but for only being around for a matter of months, 90 million is nothing to sneeze at.
  2. People are actively engaged on Google+. Over 60% of users say that they log on to Google+ everyday; 80% of users engage on a weekly basis.
  3. Google+ pages are indexed by Google. Businesses gain added visibility since Google+ pages are indexed by the search engine. And why wouldn’t you want to be more visible on Google? It is the most used search engine with over 66% of the market share.
  4. Google +1s  can impact your ranking. Google +1s and social connections aren’t just seen by the people who daily engage on Google+, but are used in the complex algorithm that determines the ranking of pages on your site. These social indicators help the search engine provide more relevant results while, at the same time, creating true integration of search and social.
  5. Google+ offers more opportunities to connect with people. Effectively using hangouts (live video chats with up to 9 people) and circles (that enable you to segment your audience) are just a couple of the ways you can help consumers feel more personally connected with you. Google+ enables you to connect and engage with consumers in ways that you just can’t on other social networks.

We believe that Google+ is here to stay. And businesses that engage in this new social network won’t be sorry.

If you have more questions about Google+ or social media marketing for your business, please contact us. We’re happy to help you understand this newer platform and strategize the best ways to use it for your business.