How to Develop Blog Posts for Your Business

Don't leave blogging topic ideas floating around; Write them down!

Don’t leave blogging topic ideas floating around; Write them down!

Actually writing content can be the most difficult part of maintaining a blog for your business. Inspiration strikes; it’s not usually a steady stream. But with some planning and by employing a few simple techniques, you can cut down on those hours spent staring at a blank page.

Create a Blogging Plan

A blogging plan can help you focus in on what you really want your blog to be about, which in turn helps you generate posts. A blogging plan can include:

  • Blog Categories
  • Keeping a daily/weekly/monthly blog planner
  • Short-term/long-term Objectives

Create an Idea Diary

Or whatever you want to call it: Blog Banter, Topic Tote, etc. The point is to have something so that you can write down your ideas for a post when the inspiration hits.

Create an Idea Collection

Create a bookmarks folder for your web browser specifically for your blog. That way, when you find an article or blog that you may want to refer to later, whether for content or an actual blog topic, it’ll be there and ready for you to access for your post.

Turn Questions and Comments into Blog Topics

Readers who question and comment are a great source for blog posts! Is there a question that gets asked often? What about a particularly intriguing comment? Turn them into a blog post!

Create an Outline

Outlining really works. Once you have a topic for your blog, write down the main points you want to cover in some logical order. Under those points, write further points that you want to include.

This will help you not only generate blog content, but will also make sure you don’t forget anything. It will also help fight rambling content.

Enlist Help

Completely stuck on a topic? Ask for help from a friend, a coworker, even your boss. Engaging in a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop can even generate interesting ideas for a blog post.


Browsing the internet can help you generate ideas when you’re suffering from writer’s block. Whether it’s a blog in the same blogging territory as you, social media such as Twitter or Facebook, a newspaper or even a website from a random Google search, you might find an idea you haven’t thought about yet.

When it comes to developing a post for your business’ blog, you never know what could get those wheels turning. Think outside the box and you’ll have banished your writer’s block in no time!