How to Decrease the Load Time of Your Web Site

Think of the last time you were browsing through random Web sites for the images, content, and videos you want. One of the most frustrating aspects of exploring the Internet is when a Web site’s loading time is too slow for our fast-paced world. Most people will not wait for a slow site to load before hitting the “Back” button or arrow and finding another, faster-loading site. In fact, research shows that it only takes 1/20 of a second for people to form an opinion about your site.

In May of 2010, Google announced through its Caffeine update that load time was one of the factors it considers for ranking Web sites. Supposedly, those sites with slower load times would be ranked lower than those with faster, more efficient load times.

So, the question that may now be wandering through your mind is how can you make your site load faster without losing the quality images, video, and content you need to impress your electronic and human users?

Here are some helpful hints:

Image Optimization

Relevant images are a fantastic way to gain the respect of your users—human and electronic—but they tend to slow down load time. One easy, effective way to reverse this slowing effect is to compress the images. If Facebook can load pictures in mere seconds, so can your site!

Coding Practices

When it comes to HTML files, inline coding of JavaScript and CSS can bog down the loading time and increase the size of the raw HTML file. Be sure to call your CSS script and Java script externally; keep HTML files small and the codes separated to help pages load faster.

Bandwidth Speed

Depending on the size of your Web site, a small web host may be able to handle its operation. However, larger sites may need a larger host with the proper equipment to manage all of the traffic. Check your bandwidth speed to make sure you get the fastest load time possible for your web pages.

There are many other ways to reduce the load time of your Web site, but these are a few of the quickest and easiest. If you need more help reducing the speed, contact an experienced web site optimization firm to put your site on the road to a speed recovery. Remember, it only takes one click for a user to leave your site; decreasing load times will give them one more reason to stick around!