The Culture of Sharing: Creating Content that Spreads

Ever since the days of sack lunches and coloring books, sharing has always been a popular societal norm between people. Creating Shareable ContentAnd, nowadays, people share everything…online!

From selfies to news articles and from memes to food photos, information is shared constantly, spreading like wildfire. As a society, we love sharing—it provides a glimpse into different lifestyles, perceptions, opinions and ideas of others.

So, as a business, how do you take advantage of such a viral and sharing community? Create content that spreads.

Mix and Match

Although there are many ways to help your online content spread—choosing the best option depends on your company’s values, goals and business strategy.

Check out these simple, yet great ideas that can help.

Before trying something new
Blogging about new topics may not be the best idea. Stick to the subjects you know, and master them. Find out what pages or blogs are generating the most traffic and replicate that success. Write what you know.

Evoke emotion. 
Create content that makes people laugh, happy, sad, or angry. By making someone feel emotional about your post, the more likely they will be willing to share.

Utilize your social media accounts, and don’t forget images.
After you write a post, don’t assume visitors will flock to your blog (unless you have a strong following). Post a link to your blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Remember to post images with your content. Don’t just tell your readers about something, show them!

Be witty, be memorable, and be inspiring.
Creating catchy titles, content and jokes for your writing can not only help your posts spread, but it can also create a positive reputation for your company! Also, if you inspire others, they will be more willing to share the inspiration with others.

Presentation is key!
Your website should look presentable and reflect your company’s persona. By having a customized website, your visitors should be able to find your blog and easily navigate through it—creating reason for return.

Remember SEO.
A strong companion to your many posts is search engine optimization. Blogging alone is inherently making your content seeable and marketable, but if you acquire help from SEO, you can make your content even stronger.

Remember, if you want to promote your business, a hard sell isn’t necessary. Your content should be authentic, personable, and relevant to your company. Offer insight to your visitors by being fun, educational and informative! It’s that simple!