Creating a Solid Search Engine Optimization Platform

Web 2.0 conceptAs a business owner, you have probably realized that having a Web presence is crucial to reaching out to more customers in today’s technologically-savvy world. What you may not know is the steps to developing that Internet presence. Your site needs to be strategically planned out and make use of every available avenue.

Strategizing Your Presence

Behind every great success is a goal-driven, well-thought plan of action; the same holds true in obtaining greater online presence. A solid strategy involves a marketing campaign that appropriately and creatively utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media marketing and PPC techniques.


The process of SEO is designed to help your Web site obtain higher visibility in the major search engine organic results. A professional team of SEO experts understands key components of search engine algorithms and can properly optimize your site in order for you to reach more potential clients.

Social Media

With over 750 million users now on Facebook and Twitter, social media platforms are a great way to create buzz and exposure for your company amongst your targeted niche market. Quality SEO firms can offer effective social media campaigns and may also be able to equip your site with a blog. Blogs utilized in conjunction with social media help establish you as a credible authority within your business field.

Not only is there a large portion of the population engaging in social media, but the search engines are starting to place weight on key social media indicators when it comes to ranking in the SERPs. Now, more than ever, is a good time to establish a solid presence in social media.


Pay-per-Click advertising is a quick way to gain temporary exposure in the Sponsored Links section of search engines. It involves bidding on key phrases that you want to rank for; if you win, a link to your site becomes instantly visible to anyone searching for that phrase.

PPC is an excellent short-term solution to use as part of a solid Search Engine Optimization platform. It cannot get you exposure and stable results in the long-term, but it can be a great tool to generate buzz about your company until your SEO strategy produces the long-term results you want.

Making the Investment

SEO requires time and patience but a professional SEO campaign can be highly effective and is well-worth the wait. As you watch your Web site rise in the organic listings, you will also see an increase in customer calls/visits which should also boost your conversions and ROI. Bottom line, a good Search Engine Optimization platform can help you achieve what you are in business to achieve—profits and a sense of well-being in providing quality services and goods to those who want and need them.