Can Using Social Media Increase your Website Conversions?

As with every aspect of online marketing, your goal is to increase business. Whether you reach this goal through a website with quality SEO, social media marketing services or (ideally) a combination of both, the goal is the same. Websites are a tried and true method for online advertising but can the same be said with social media?

The short, simple answer is: yes!

Because using social media to advertise is still relatively new, many analysts are trying to understand the data but there are already four important ways that social media is increasing website conversions:

  1. Spreading the Word: The most obvious way social media increases website conversions is by acting as another method of establishing an online presence. Your business may have a website, but by having a well-maintained social media presence, you have a better chance of reaching a larger audience, driving them back to your website, and ultimately finding new customers.
  2. Driving the Traffic: One particular benefit for businesses on social media is that it’s relatively simple to drive traffic back to your site. You can do this by engaging with potential or current customers. Use social media as a way to address issues, comments, suggestions, or complaints. Also, don’t forget to do a little advertising—promote yourself with specials or blogs that’ll send people back to your site. With social media, you’re in control!
  3. Creating Consumer Loyalty: By regularly engaging with consumers, you are establishing ripe conditions for loyalty. Loyal consumers translate into higher website conversions as these consumers not only continue to do business with you, but serve as a faithful army of evangelists promoting your brand to others in their circle and beyond.
  4. Incorporating the Call: On your website you provide a potential client with information about your business, explain why your business is better than a competitor’s, highlight the unique benefits of your product or service and have a call-to-action to get a potential client to contact you. Social media is just one more platform to generate action.

With the explosion of social media services, smart businesses are taking advantage of this new tool to help generate new business and maintain a solid base of loyal consumers. By developing a quality social media marketing strategy to drive traffic back to your website, social media can be a strong tool for increasing your website conversions!