Developing Content that Creates Trust

Trustworthy Web Site Content

If you want your site and, in turn, your business to be successful, people need to trust you. One way to create trust is through the content on your site.

So, how do you develop content that creates trust? You have to know what your audience is expecting before you can write copy that develops into a trust-worthy partnership. Below are just a few features of trust-building content:

  • Credibility. Credibility is all about giving people a reason to put their trust in you. You can establish your credibility online by providing reliable content that demonstrates your authority and expertise in your field. Misinformation or inaccurate information can truly harm your credibility when trying to build trust with consumers online.


  • Honesty. Clients don’t want to hear shameless self-promotion throughout your entire Web site. Be honest with them about what you do and how you do it. Keep the focus on how your product or service helps consumers. Don’t blow smoke; be genuine.


  • Knowledge. Share your knowledge with consumers. By giving away something for nothing, you sow seeds of trust. Be careful not to give everything away; give just enough that consumers see the value of your knowledge and experience…and contact you when they have need of your product or service.


  • Care. Major corporations tend to feel cold and impersonal; that’s why many people turn to small businesses for the goods and services they need. Show your clients that you care about their needs by creating copy that speaks directly to them. Highlight features of your company that show you care, like your great customer service, limited warranties and/or guaranteed satisfaction.


By infusing your copy with these four elements, you lay a foundation of trust with consumers that can turn into a lasting business relationship.