How Much Content Should Be on Your Site?

Site Content

How much content should be on my site?

This is a question we commonly hear.

Of course, the search engines are text-driven creatures that thrive on content-rich sites—but that doesn’t mean that what appeals to the search engines appeals to your target audience.

Your web copy needs to be alluring. And, yes, it is possible to be alluring to both the search engines and your potential customers at the same time.

For one thing, search engines are getting a lot smarter at determining what a page is all about. They’re better able to “read” a page like a human would. With this in mind, you should always create copy that is geared toward people first and the search engines second.

Also, keep in mind that while content is king, link building is queen. The search engines place a lot of weight on quality inbound links when determining where your site ranks. The way to get these coveted links is through high-quality, unique interesting copy.

So, how much content should be on your site?

There’s really no answer to that. You need as much copy as it takes to get your point across. You need as much copy as it takes to entice your target audience. You need as much copy as it takes to build your credibility so people feel comfortable doing business with you.

In general, if you are selling an expensive product or service or something that people are not familiar with, you are going to need a lot of copy. If the risk of investing in your product or service is small, you can probably get away with less copy.

You need to keep your site updated with fresh content on a regular basis to satisfy the text-hungry search engines and make sure you are providing the most relevant and updated information for the people looking for your products and/or services.

In a nutshell: you need a lot of web pages with good copy, but the amount of copy on each page will vary according to your unique marketing objectives.