The ‘Like’ Button: Consumers Really Like It, They Really Do

A recent study by City Grid Media reports that consumers are more likely to show their support for a business by clicking the ‘like’ button than filling out an online review.

We Want to ‘Like’ You

According to the study, 40% of people under the age of 35 will ‘like’ a business compared to only 18% who said they would write a review. If your business does not have an active presence on this popular social media platform, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity for others to learn about your business through important online recommendations from their friends.

We Want to Know You

But perhaps the most interesting takeaway from this study is the idea that consumers are doing their homework before choosing to do business with a company.

Despite not leaving reviews as readily as ‘liking’ a business, the study suggests that consumers are still turning to Google, Facebook and review sites to learn more about other’s experience with a business before choosing where to spend their money. And these reviews appear to be more persuasive than special offers or discounts.

Consumers are looking for others’ reviews even if they’re not readily providing their own.

We Want to Find You

As consumers turn to Google, Facebook and review sites to learn about your business, make sure they can find you. And more importantly, make sure they are able to find the messages you want them to see about your business or brand.

Strategic search engine optimization and social media engagement is imperative for business who want to succeed. If you aren’t managing your online reputation and don’t own, control or have influence over the top search results for your business name, you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

As the world continues to go digital, businesses must adapt to the needs of this new generation of social consumers.  Engage with your consumers, make it easy for them to find you and give them the opportunity to ‘like’ you—and let all their friends know they ‘like’ you.