Celebrating Labor Day with Many Thanks

Labor DayThis Labor Day, SonicSEO.com would like to thank our team for their hard-work and dedication!

With over 25 employees, we tip our hats to the staff of individuals that not only help this company function every day, but also provide successful online marketing services to local and nationwide businesses on a day-to-day basis.

We know that search engine optimization is not a one-person show—and at SonicSEO.com we are proud to be the home of a great group of Internet marketing specialists that help our business succeed.

So, this Labor Day and well, every day, we want to express our gratitude to the great group of individuals that make-up the SEO department, the web design team, the copywriting team, the build-out crew, the customer liaisons, the office administrators, the social media department and management.

We give a large round of applause, a standing-ovation, a huge high-five, and a million “job well dones” to our talented team at SonicSEO!

Happy Labor Day!