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Recognizing the Value of Social Media: Barack Obama’s State of the Union Embraces Technology

Tonight marks the second time President Barack Obama will speak to the nation in a State of the Union address. While the State of the Union has typically been a conversation between the President and Congress, overtime, technology has enabled presidents to reach a wider audience—a public audience. Previously, the public has been resigned to… Read more »

Online Advertising—You Need to Get in on the Action!

As dollars for print advertising continue to fall, dollars for online advertising are on the rise. eMarketer reported in December 2010 that online advertising dollars have surpassed print advertising dollars and are expected to be on the rise through 2014 with an estimated $40 billion being put into online advertising. You might find yourself asking… Read more »

Engaging Clients at Every Step

Cultivating lasting relationships with clients has never been easier—or harder—than it is now. While there are a variety of social media platforms through which you can connect with clients and establish meaningful relationships, it’s also easier than ever for consumers to comparison shop your business with others around the world. To make sure you are… Read more »

Creating a Solid Search Engine Optimization Platform

As a business owner, you have probably realized that having a Web presence is crucial to reaching out to more customers in today’s technologically-savvy world. What you may not know is the steps to developing that Internet presence. Your site needs to be strategically planned out and make use of every available avenue.

Consumer Search Habits Changing

The search tactics consumers use to find and purchase goods and services are changing. Up until this point, information was primarily disseminated through print resources like newspapers and magazines. But with the emergence of the Internet, the reliance upon hardcopy print material is dwindling. Though by percentage, television is still the most used form of… Read more »

What Should You Tweet?

If you’ve joined the wonderful world of Twitter, you might find yourself falling short of things to say—especially when you see the mound of tweets that some businesses and people seem to churn out every day. Don’t get panicked or think about quitting—just sit back, relax and take in some of this advice about what… Read more »