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New News on Online Ad Spending

Yah…we know that we have bombarded you with a lot of information regarding the increased budgets going towards online advertising. But there’s more. Why? Because we cannot express how important it is that you understand the necessity of generating an online marketing campaign when the majority of the world’s largest and most successful businesses are… Read more »

Analytics and Social Media

One of the primary reasons that businesses online were attracted to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies like Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click was because they offered ways to track marketing investments dollar for dollar. As more and more users are being found to be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, businesses are… Read more »

What Should Be On Your Facebook Page?

Ok, so we’ve hammered into everyone the importance of social media networking sites in today’s marketing age. If you have been following our blog, you surely know that all forms of traditional media are losing points in usage except for the Internet and mobile devices. You know that because of the above mentioned fact, 57%… Read more »

The Importance of Social Media and Word-of-Text Recommendations

Some startling statistics and assertions have been put forth regarding the importance of Social Media sites in a recent article by eMarketer, one of the leading Internet marketing analysis sites. Data produced by The Global Web Index asserts that online users use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information rather than create… Read more »

Creating a Solid Search Engine Optimization Platform

As a business owner, you have probably realized that having a Web presence is crucial to reaching out to more customers in today’s technologically-savvy world. What you may not know is the steps to developing that Internet presence. Your site needs to be strategically planned out and make use of every available avenue.

Social Media Ad Spending on the Rise

A shift in money spent on traditional advertising mediums and the Internet is being noticed around the world. And this isn’t a slow, gradual, can-hardly-notice-it shift; this is a fast, significant, shake-the-earth shift. A recent eMarketer study predicts that $3.08 billion will be spent on social media advertising this year. That’s up a whopping 55%… Read more »

Social Media Secrets of Big Brands: Coca-Cola

Last week we talked about the huge success YouTube is having on Facebook. Today, we’re discussing Coca-Cola, the second largest fan page on Facebook. While YouTube’s strategy appears to be largely focused on using techniques to generate user involvement, Coca-Cola has taken a decidedly different approach. In fact, they call their approach to social media:… Read more »

Social Media Secrets of Big Brands: YouTube

It’s no secret. Today’s best marketing practices are increasingly social. As social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to gain momentum as primary places for people to connect, share information and be entertained, a company’s brand is shaped more by the way people are talking about it than any clever ad campaign or company… Read more »

Social Media Isn’t Just Chatter—it’s an SEO Booster!

As more businesses turn to online marketing, the popularity of search engine optimization for websites is growing. While this is great news for the SEO industry and the business owners who are getting well optimized sites, it has made the process of obtaining and maintaining high page rank in the SERPs increasingly difficult. Now that… Read more »