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The Search Engine Optimization Code of Ethics

Ethical considerations have always been a concern for the SEO community. Black hat practitioners and unethical firms muddy up the search results and create a poor user experience—not to mention the severe penalties a website can face for using techniques to spam the search engines.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization Services

Our experience at PubCon this week has been amazing! Hearing industry greats like Matt Cutts, Bruce Clay, Andy Beal, Scott Stratten and others has truly been inspiring. Everything we’ve heard only bolsters the fact that businesses who want to do well need search engine optimization services to establish a solid Web presence.

What Google Caffeine Means for SEO

As most people know by now, Google changed their algorithm significantly in May. Bruce Clay, founder and CEO of Bruce Clay, Inc., shed some light on what the Google “Caffeine” update means for SEO. Below are some of the main ideas we took away from this great presentation.

Search Engine Optimization Web Marketing Resource

As the Internet continues to expand its business potential, search engine optimization Web marketing resources are being sought out by many organizations who hope to see boosts in their online marketing ROI. Like any good marketing plan, SEO must be strategically planned and carefully implemented to achieve solid results. Let’s look at 4 things all… Read more »

A Reflection on the PubCon Master Group Training Keynote Address by Scott Stratten is at PubCon, getting insight on the future of search and social media from other industry leaders. So far, we’ve been impressed with what we’ve heard! Scott Stratten, president of UnMarketing, gave a great keynote where he really energized the group with his insight. Here’s what we took away from this great opening:

Search Engine Optimization that Works

As a business owner, you know that today’s most advantageous advertising market is online; many people are turning to Internet search engines to find the goods and services they need. To take advantage of this lucrative market, you may have dabbled in Search Engine Optimization in order to achieve high ranking in search engine result… Read more »

Promotion for Ethical Search Engine Optimization

Defining which types of SEO techniques are ethical and unethical has become a vital issue within the SEO community. Practices thought to be unethical have been labeled “black hat”. Here’s what SEO strategies should NOT be used when optimizing your website for the search engines

Things to look for in a Premier Search Engine Optimization Company

When your business is ready to take that crucial next step into online marketing, finding a premier search engine optimization company is vital to your business plan. Here are a couple of things to look for: Proof of Success—a good SEO company will have a good reputation. So, ask around in your professional circles or… Read more »