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Social Media Secrets of Big Brands: Coca-Cola

Last week we talked about the huge success YouTube is having on Facebook. Today, we’re discussing Coca-Cola, the second largest fan page on Facebook. While YouTube’s strategy appears to be largely focused on using techniques to generate user involvement, Coca-Cola has taken a decidedly different approach. In fact, they call their approach to social media:… Read more »

Social Media Isn’t Just Chatter—it’s an SEO Booster!

As more businesses turn to online marketing, the popularity of search engine optimization for websites is growing. While this is great news for the SEO industry and the business owners who are getting well optimized sites, it has made the process of obtaining and maintaining high page rank in the SERPs increasingly difficult. Now that… Read more »

The Value of Negative Reviews

As search engines increasingly give ranking consideration to online reviews and other social media indicators, businesses need to understand the importance of cultivating online relationships with clients. With this need to be social comes fear of what consumers will post about a business online. Sure, positive comments from happy, satisfied customers are a sure-fire way… Read more »

B2B: Is Your Online Marketing Reaching Your Audience?

Unless you’ve been in an Ashram in India for the last few years, it is probably not a surprise to hear that online is the best place you can place your marketing dollars. What you might not have thought of—or been informed about by your internet marketing service—is the importance of having a website that… Read more »

What Should You Tweet?

If you’ve joined the wonderful world of Twitter, you might find yourself falling short of things to say—especially when you see the mound of tweets that some businesses and people seem to churn out every day. Don’t get panicked or think about quitting—just sit back, relax and take in some of this advice about what… Read more »

Managing Your Online Reputation Before It’s a Problem

It used to be that face-to-face, in-person contact with clients made—or broke—your reputation with your customers. Potential customer might have looked your company up in the phone book and called the Better Business Bureau to find out if you had any negative reports or reviews before coming in for that in-person encounter. Face-to-face, in-person interaction… Read more »