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Absolutely Atrocious Adjectives: Quickly Killing Conversions

Chances are at some point, somewhere you’ve read, or heard (or admit it—written), a lovey-dovey romance letter. Whether you’re a softie at heart or have Clint Eastwood’s constant scowl, you know that those letters are just a little too sweet. If you’ve ever wondered what makes them so-sweet-they’re –cavity-causing or why you want to just… Read more »

Link Baiting: How to Get Great Links with Great Content

One of the biggest challenges many people face when optimizing their site for the search engines is getting quality backlinks (links to your site from other sites). While automated link building services may sound tempting, you could cause serious harm to your site if you do not ethically build your backlink network with other quality… Read more »

What’s More Important: Google or People?

The most important rule to remember when writing copy for your Web site is to know your audience. But who is your audience? In the world of online marketing, you have two audiences to appease: Google and potential clients. What Is Google Searching for? Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing use complex algorithms to… Read more »

How to Avoid Overusing Keywords in Your Copy

It is a well-known fact that content is king, and a skillfully written page can make the difference in turning a potential client into a paying customer. One of the most important aspects of writing copy for Internet marketing is the seamless incorporation of keyword phrases into the copy. Here are several tips to help… Read more »

Content Spam: An Ever Increasing Problem

Content spam is the product of black hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods designed to alter the perception of a website’s content to search engines. The result? Irrelevant search results and ever-increasingly frustrated online consumers. While search engines are always improving their

Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips–#1 Key Term Phrases

Welcome to the final installment of our countdown! We have spent the last nine days sharing with you our top ten tips for premier search engine optimization. These include: 10. Analytics 9. Meta Descriptions 8. Sitemaps 7. URLs 6. Internal Linking 5. Header Tags 4. Title Tags 3. External Linking 2. Copywriting

Developing Content that Creates Trust

If you want your site and, in turn, your business to be successful, people need to trust you. One way to create trust is through the content on your site. So, how do you develop content that creates trust? You have to know what your audience is expecting before you can write copy that develops… Read more »