Can you do a Barrel Roll?

Can you do a barrel roll? How much do you love Easter egg hunts? Did you know Google likes to play clever pranks on you?

Hidden beneath the surface of programming, there lay little jokes called “Easter eggs.” Have no idea what we’re talking about? Open a new tab (in Firefox or Google Chrome), go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” into the search bar.

Wee! Hopefully you aren’t prone to motion sickness. This Google Easter egg is a nod by programmers to Nintendo’s Star Fox 64.

Google says an engineer created “do a barrel roll” to entertain users while “showcasing the power of CSS3.” The Star Fox barrel roll is just one of the dozens of Easter eggs Google created in the past five years or so.

So what does this have to do with you? Google doesn’t do these Easter egg hunts because they make money off of them. They do them to show off their skill and technology, offering their users something for nothing so they come back for more.

How can you do that on your business’ website? Facebook? Twitter? Think of ways you can show your skill while entertaining your customers. You’ll be the expert, and show how you are different from your competitors by thinking outside the box.

Ok, back to the fun stuff. There are so many Google Easter eggs, it’s probably impossible to list them all. Some of them are simple, and others more complex.

If you’re really into Easter eggs, or just love to stay up late, check your iGoogle page at 3:14 a.m. Some of the themes have special activities only at this time. The beach theme has a visit from the Loch Ness monster, and the CityScape is visited by UFOs.

Now go to Google and type “askew” or “tilt.” Not as exciting, but funny nonetheless.

Next, play the X-Files theme and try Google MentalPlex: How did it do that? The truth is out there, friends.

*Note: if any of these don’t work for you, it might be your browser. Many Easter eggs need GoogleChrome to work; a few work with Firefox as well.