Why Your Business Should Be On Twitter

Smiling businesswoman with smartphoneTwitter is quickly becoming a new norm in society. What originally started as a way for people to network through a new form of social media has quickly taken the world by storm, and now includes businesses.

Over the next few days, we will be sharing information you need to understand about how Twitter can benefit your business and amplify your Internet marketing efforts. This blog series will discuss various Twitter-related topics including:

  • Why Your Business Should Be On Twitter
  • Who’s on Twitter
  • What to Tweet For Your Business
  • When to Tweet
  • Where Businesses are Seeing Results With Twitter
  • How to Manage Your Twitter Account
  • Twitter Etiquette

Since becoming active in July 2006, Twitter has grown exponentially and now it seems like everyone and their uncle is using Twitter.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

With millions of people now using Twitter, businesses can use this unique and essential platform to get their message out to those millions of people. Twitter helps business in ways never thought of before. Here’s how:

  • Twitter has a direct impact on search engine optimization. Twitter is more than just idle talk. With the Twitter boom, popular search engine Google now takes Twitter into account while ranking a website’s position in its search results. If your website has an active and maintained Twitter account, Google considers this activity when placing and ranking your website in its search engine results.
  • Twitter makes you visible and establishes you as an authority online. As with the real world, your reputation, credibility, and expertise matter. With Twitter, you build your “online cred” by interacting with others in your particular field. The more interaction you have in your field, the more your “online cred” grows. This growth establishes you as an authority in your field across Twitter and draws more attention to your business.
  • Twitter can help you manage your business’ reputation. A politician once said, “It’s not good enough to do good, you have to be seen doing good.” The same is true for your business. You have to manage your “online cred” and business’ reputation. You can do this by following what customers or clients are saying about your business on Twitter. If, for example, you receive some sort of negative feedback, you can use Twitter to respond to it. Additionally, you can use Twitter to promote specials and offers just for Twitter followers. You are doing good and, more importantly, seen doing good. This too enhances your “online cred.”

Twitter is a form of social media that can be used for more than socializing and celebrity gossip. Twitter is a tool that, if used properly, can help your business reach millions around the world, span many demographics, and ultimately help your business grow. If you have a hard time believing that, stay tuned for the next blog about who exactly is on Twitter.