Why Your Business Needs Social Media

With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter becoming more and more popular among consumers, businesses have begun using them. However, social media is still relatively new, despite feeling like it has been around forever because of their popularity. So there is still some lingering question as to whether or not social media can really help a business.

The answer is yes.

Here are three ways that social media can help and have a positive impact on a business.


Who doesn’t like something for free? This applies to businesses as well. Social media is a free platform for you to advertise with. It does take an investment of time to set up your account and maintain it, but you do not have to pay to sign up. You now have access to millions of people around the world. While you won’t be advertising to all of them, you will be able to engage with your target audience or local market.

Another benefit: if you don’t have time to manage your social media accounts or it’s not something you’re comfortable with, SEO companies can manage your social media accounts for you.


By nature social media is a very public forum. This allows businesses the perfect opportunity to look in and read what customers are saying about them. Knowing what your business does that is really successful with consumers and what it needs to work on enables you to address particular complaints and can give you ideas for promotions or changes that’ll allow you to hold on to consumers.

Word-of-mouth has always been an important way to attract new business. Social media allows you to promote word-of-text recommendations and spread the word about your company organically.


Believe it or not social media may have a direct impact on your search engine ranking. According to Search Engine Land, a successful social media campaign can generate quality inbound links to your site. Inbound links have a big impact on the ranking of a website in search engine rankings. This linking is also especially important when it comes to building up your website from scratch.

Also, on a simpler level, search engines do take social media into account for ranking. Having a well-maintained social media account on Facebook or Twitter, for example, could positively impact where your business ranks.

It appears that social media (in some form or another) is here to stay. Whether or not you like it personally, it is having a positive impact on businesses. So now it’s time to put social media to work for you and see how much potential it has to help your business.