Why Your Business Should Be On Facebook

Group of BusinesspeopleFacebook has taken the world by storm since being launched in 2004. A successful movie about its beginnings has been made and, because of its millions of users, Facebook has become a common English word. Because of all of this attention, Facebook is the perfect medium for businesses to advertise.

We’re kicking off a new blog series about what your business needs to know about Facebook. Just like our previous Twitter series, we will be discussing Facebook-related topics like:

  • Why Your Business Should be on Facebook
  • Who’s on Facebook
  • What to Post on your Facebook Wall
  • When to Post on your Facebook Wall
  • Where Businesses are seeing Results with Facebook
  • How to Manage your Facebook Account
  • Facebook Etiquette

These topics will give you general tips to help your business use Facebook to its full potential.

So, should your business be on Facebook? Absolutely! Facebook is becoming an important online advertising tool.

Like Twitter, Facebook gives you access to millions of people on a daily basis, and you want to be where the people are. Facebook also provides your business with plenty of opportunities to advertise and really engage with your customers and clients. Here are some of the reasons why your business should have a Facebook page:

  • Engage With Consumers: With more and more Americans using Facebook on a daily basis, it provides you with a platform to engage with increasingly social consumers. Facebook is the leading social media site and this means you can get a lot of attention. Facebook provides plenty of opportunities for multimedia resources such as pictures and videos about your products and services, as well as giving you a chance to begin discussions with potential customers about your business and its products and services.   
  • Manage You Online Reputation: As with Twitter, Facebook also gives you the opportunity to manage your online reputation. You can monitor and respond to any questions, comments, suggestions, and criticisms posted to your Facebook wall. You’ll be able to respond to your clients and customers on a public forum and can take a genuine interest in their opinions. This will only improve people’s opinions about your business. If your business shows good, timely customer service, it can create a very positive buzz about your business.
  • Promotions and Rewards: Everyone loves rewards, and Facebook allows you the opportunity to reward customer loyalty. Via Facebook you can announce new promotions and specials rewarding returning customers. You can also offer special promotions for referrals, new customers, or for trying different products and services. The ideas are endless. And speaking of products and services, Facebook is also the perfect platform to announce and get the word out about new products and services your business is offering.
  • Online Visibility: Search engines take social media sites like Facebook into account when determining their search results.  A well-maintained Facebook page gives your business more visibility with search engines by providing you with another opportunity to be found by potential clients. The number of ‘likes’ you have may also impact your visibility within Facebook, increasing your exposure within the massive site.

Facebook not only provides your business with the opportunity to reach millions of people, it also offers a medium on which your business can really advertise and engage your customers. Social media is quickly becoming a new standard when it comes to advertising—and Facebook is leading the way. Because of this, you want your business to be using the latest and most popular form of social media to be seen and to get your message out.

Our next blog entry will cover the hard numbers of Facebook: How many people are using it and who these people are. Check out our next blog to learn more!