Blogging Like a Blogger: Tips for Starting a New Blog

With so much content online, chances are you’ve either read blogs or have written some. However, when writing blogs for your business, there are some guidelines you should follow to help make you the friend and the expert.

Tips for Blogging

The main difference between a personal blog and a business blog is that in a business blog you want to be informative, professional, and an authority in what you’re blogging about. While personality matters, you don’t want a business blog to sound like a personal rant. Here are some general blogging tips that can help you:

  1. Avoid Marketing:

    The rest of your site could be dedicated to marketing and promoting yourself. Your blog should be a way for you to sound like an authority on any particular topic. People love something for free and free information can keep people coming back and help establish you as an authority they can have confidence in.

  2. Engage With Your Readers:

    A blog is the perfect place to really humanize your company. You should also open it up to public comments and really encourage conversation and engage with those reading your blogs because it shows you’re willing to respond to questions or even criticisms. In the case of the latter, you can highlight your expertise by defending your position.

  3. Be Patient:

    It takes time to create a successful blog series. Don’t be discouraged—continue writing useful information and interesting topics. You won’t achieve success overnight, but it doesn’t mean you should give up on the project, either.

There is no set formula for what you should write in a blog, aside from the obvious tip to blog about relevant topics relating to your business.

Tips for Growing Your Blog Series:

Once you’ve written a few blogs, and decide to keep going with the project, there are a few additional things you can do to expand and build on what you’ve been writing:

  1. Promote Your Blog:

    Just like your business, your blog needs a little advertising or else no one will know it exists. Make sure you have good links to it on your website, use social media, engage with other blogs and even advertise it. Grab attention!

  2. Links:

    Once you have several blog posts up, you can link to previous posts in your current post. This not only takes new readers to previous blog posts that might grab their attention, it also has a positive impact on your website’s ranking in search engines like Google.

  3. Social Media:

    You can use platforms like Twitter or Facebook to advertise about your blog, but your blog should also have share buttons. If someone reads your blog and thinks it’s a good read, they can share it on their Facebook and Twitter account, thus spreading the word about your blog to new potential readers.

Again there is no magic way to grow your blog series overnight. With constant hard work and patience, it can grow into something that’s read by many.

Blogging is a fun way to write something different for your website. It allows you creative freedom and the chance to really talk about different topics in your field—and to really showcase your expertise. It also gives you the opportunity to draw in more potential customers, interact with people, and spread the word about your business to many others.