comScore Releases December 2009 Ranking of Top Ad Networks

AOL Advertising Ranks #1 Among Ad Networks, Followed by Yahoo! Network and Google Ad Network

RESTON, VA, January 14, 2010 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world today reported the top 15 ad networks based on their reach among U.S. Internet users in December 2009. The ranking showed that AOL Advertising remains the top ad network, reaching 187 million U.S. Internet users, or 91 percent of the total audience, followed by Yahoo! Network (180.9 million) and Google Ad Network (178.1 million). The fastest growing ad network by audience reach among the top 15 was Microsoft Media Network U.S., which grew 31 percent versus year ago, followed by Collective Network (up 22 percent) and Audience Science (up 16 percent).

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comScore Reports $29.1 Billion in U.S. Retail E-Commerce Spending for Full November-December Holiday Season, Up 4 Percent vs. Year Ago

Season Highlights Include Growth Surpassing Forecasts and First $900 Million Spending Day on Record

RESTON, VA, January 6, 2010 – comScore (NASDAQ : SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today reported holiday season retail e-commerce spending for the entirety of the November – December 2009 holiday season. For the full holiday online shopping season, $29.1 billion was spent online, marking a 4-percent increase versus the same period last year. The season featured distinct periods of strong spending growth surrounding the Thanksgiving-Black Friday timeframe and the final shopping week leading up to Christmas.

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November Sees Number of U.S. Videos Viewed Online Surpass 30 Billion for First Time on Record

Hulu Extends All-Time High to 924 Million Videos Viewed

RESTON, VA, January 5, 2010 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released November 2009 data from the comScore Video Metrix service, showing that more than 170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month. Online video viewing continued to reach record levels in November with nearly 31 billion videos viewed during the month, and Google Sites accounting for 39 percent of all videos viewed online in the U.S.

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SEO helps firms shine on the Internet

Bob LePage used to spend $4,000 a month advertising in the Yellow Pages.

Now he spends about a quarter of that amount with the Albuquerque firm SonicSEO to keep his Web site optimized so it ranks high in results from online searches. LePage said his company, Ex-El Foam, is seeing far more business these days – about 80 percent of his leads are coming from the Internet.

He attributes much of the increase to search engine optimization, or SEO. Le-Page’s company is a polyurethane foam applicator. Business was so good, he had work during the recent holidays, a time when he said much of his staff used to sit in the office “twiddling their thumbs.”

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How Do Local Businesses Survive in this Economy?

Albuquerque, NM, January 4—The construction industry has been hard hit by this economy. In  the wake of the housing collapse, many local construction companies have had to  close their doors or downsize.

Custom ABQ Construction is a local business owned by Robert  Pallulat. Pallulat started his business in 2007 just before the 2008-2009  recession. Starting out as a new business hungry for leads, Custom ABQ  Construction now has more business than it can handle. A good problem for any  business.

When asked why his business is thriving at a time when  others are struggling to survive, Pallulat replied, “It’s the Internet. That’s  where people are looking for me and that’s where I am. I show up on the first  page of Google when people type in search terms that relate to my business—like  ‘Albuquerque Custom Carpentry.’ Actually, I think I hold the number one ranking  on Google for phrases like that.”

Pallulat goes on to say, “As a new business, I had to make  some tough decisions about how to spend a very limited marketing budget. I knew  the Internet was where I had to be, because that’s where I see most people  looking for local services these days. And that has proven to be true for me  and my business.”

Another local construction company, Ex-El Foam, is bucking the trend of slow  business during a tough economy. Owner Bob LePage has been providing the greater  Albuquerque area with polyurethane foam application since 1992.

Over the years, LePage has utilized numerous methods to  market his business, including the Yellow Pages. After investing in search  optimization earlier last year, LePage has seen his Web site result in solid  leads for his business.

He attributes his success in large part to his Internet marketing, saying, “We get a large portion of our leads from our Internet  exposure now. Even during the holidays we see activity. That never happened  before.”

As consumers are seeking ways to stretch their money in hard  economic times, the construction industry is not the only one facing turbulent  times. The salon and spa industry has also suffered.

At a time when many salons are struggling to keep their  business going, Salon Helena of Albuquerque is thriving.

Salon Helena started doing business in 2008. Owners Helena and Mike McMullen attribute much  of their success to their Internet marketing efforts. Mike said, “When we  opened our salon, we decided to take a risk and not advertise in the yellow  pages. We decided to spend the bulk of our marketing budget in Internet  marketing. And, boy, has it paid off.”

A solid Internet presence has done more than just drum up  new business for Salon Helena. It’s given them national exposure and positioned  them as a local industry leader—which is driving even more business to their  salon.

In the summer of 2009, Salon Helena was the only New Mexico  salon listed as one of the “Top 100 Salons in the United States” in Elle  Magazine. Helena was also voted “Best Hair Stylist in Albuquerque” in Albuquerque the Magazine’s 2009 Best of  the City survey.

“I believe much of our recognition is directly related to  the success of our Web site,” said Helena. “As high rankings in the search  engines continue to drive new business our way, more and more people are able  to experience just how great Salon Helena is. And they’re spreading the  word—across the nation!”

What all of these businesses have in common is a  forward-thinking approach to marketing.

Recently, each of these companies stepped up their efforts  to market their business online using,  a local Internet Marketing firm and DBA of,  Inc. And the results have been impressive. helps local businesses succeed through Search Engine Optimization  (SEO).

Search engine optimization is the process by which a Web  site is engineered to land at the top of the search engine results pages when  people type in relevant search queries.

According to Keli Etscorn, SEO Department Manager at, “As New Mexicans hold their purse strings a little tighter,  they’re seeking to get the most bang for their buck. They’re spending more time  researching products and services online before they commit to buying. In the  process, consumers have become more savvy researchers as they seek to stretch  every dollar as far as possible.  In  order for a business to succeed as times change, they must have a solid online  presence—and meet potential clients where they are.”

Etscorn continues, “Being on the first page of search  engines like Google is more important than ever before. A high ranking in the  search engine results pages is like receiving a vote of confidence for your  business. If Google ranks your business on the first page for a search engine  user’s query, it’s viewed as a mark of credibility by most consumers.”

Research shows that businesses are  beginning to realize just how important a solid Web presence is. In 2009, Forbes reported a $65 billion  advertising shift from traditional marketing mediums to Internet marketing.

Times are  changing. For businesses to remain viable in the 21st century, they  must refocus their marketing efforts and consider how the Internet has not only  changed the way we live, but changed the way we do business.


About the Company, Inc. is a local Albuquerque company that was  started in 1998 by UNM alumni Arvind Raichur, J.D. and Becky Raichur. The  company began as an online attorney directory and online portal for consumers  and lawyers in need of legal information. After surviving the dotcom bust of  2000,, Inc. has gradually expanded its online marketing services to  reach other types of small businesses by doing business as Today,, Inc. is a full-service Web site design, development, hosting and  marketing company that has clients throughout the United States and Canada.

A $65 Billion Advertising Shift?

Anthea Stratigos is chief executive of Outsell Inc., a media research and advisory outfit she co-founded in 1998. Its most recent annual marketing study predicts $65 billion will be siphoned away from traditional advertising channels in 2009 and spent instead on companies’ own Web sites and Internet marketing. Forbes spoke with Stratigos about where the market is going:

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A New Look at SEO: What it Takes to Get and Keep Businesses at the Top of the Search Engines

For years, the Internet has been edging out traditional  forms of advertising as the place consumers turn to for local business  information.

While many people offer SEO services in an attempt to gain a  piece of online marketing’s increasing market share, few have the capability to  keep up with the demands of an effective SEO campaign.

In the early days of SEO, before the advent of Google, all  it really took was careful attention to file names, page titles and meta  descriptions to have a successful Web site. Easy for one person to do.

But today, the search engine ranking algorithms are much  more complex. And getting a business’ Web site to the top of the organic  listings requires more than a one-time effort.

According to Arvind Raichur, CEO and founder of, “Specialization is now imperative to successful search engine  optimization. In order for an SEO firm to be successful, it must have multiple  people dedicated to the specific components the search engines regard highly in  their ranking algorithms. Without expert collaboration it is impossible for one  person to properly design, develop and manage an SEO campaign.”

Raichur continues, “Effective search engine optimization  simply cannot be done by one person. Since the search engines are looking for  quality copy, you need someone who understands how to write within the  constraints of what the search engines are looking for without sacrificing the  quality of the material for the site’s human readers. Since the search engines  are looking for quality in-bound links, you need someone who knows how to  effectively evaluate the value of a link and is dedicated to establishing solid  partnerships with quality Web sites. Since the search engine algorithms are  constantly changing and improving, you need someone who is vigilantly watching  your site’s progress and knows how to accurately interpret your Web analytics  so you don’t lose ground in the search engines. And you need a comprehensive  SEO strategy to tie all of these things together.”

Raichur’s company,, is developed around the  idea that it takes a team effort to effectively and ethically optimize Web  sites for the search engines. has 6 departments dedicated to the  key components of good SEO. They have a department for SEO, Web design,  copywriting, link building, statistics analysis and customer service.

It is this team approach to SEO that sets apart  from the rest; and it is this team approach that has made so  successful that they have over a 90% client retention rate because of their  proven results.

About the Company, Inc. is a local Albuquerque company that was started in 1998 by  UNM alumni Arvind Raichur, J.D. and Becky Raichur. The company began as an  online attorney directory and online portal for consumers and lawyers in need  of legal information. After surviving the dotcom bust of 2000,, Inc.  has gradually expanded its online marketing services to reach other types of  small business by doing business as Today,, Inc. is a  full-service Web site design, development, hosting and marketing company that  has clients throughout the United States  and Canada., Inc. Expands Service Offerings with

Albuquerque, NM—September 9—,  Inc., a local company that has been servicing law firms nationwide for more  than a decade, is pleased to announce a new segment of their company—  Having obtained superior success as an online marketing force for attorneys  around the nation,, Inc. has decided to expand its services to help non-legal  businesses get business from the Internet.

Over the past few months, doing business as, they have been providing search engine optimization services for  a wide variety of local businesses. Search engine optimization is the process  by which a Web site is engineered to land at the top of the search engine  results pages when people type in relevant search phrases.

Top spaces in the search engines are highly  coveted since 9 out of 10 searchers will never find your site if it is not  listed within the first three pages of the search engine results’s proprietary SEO service has  already helped numerous businesses in the Albuquerque area get to the top of  the search engines, including dentists, landscapers, roofers, physicians and  salons.

One of their first clients, Salon Helena,  started business with no Web site. After one year of SEO from,  Salon Helena now has a compelling site that receives over 800 unique visitors every  month through its high rankings in the search engines.

Helena McMullen,  owner of Salon Helena stated, “After having our site designed and optimized by, it didn’t take long before I knew we’d made the right choice. Not  only did they design a site that really reflects who we are, but our site is  now ranking above our competitors in the search engines. Even better are the  increasing number of phone calls we receive from people who find us online. I  am so happy with the results we’ve gotten with—I’d do it again in  a heartbeat!”


About the Company, Inc. is a local Albuquerque  company that was started in 1998 by UNM alumni Arvind Raichur, J.D. and Becky  Raichur. The company began as an online attorney directory and online portal  for consumers and lawyers in need of legal information. After surviving the  dotcom bust of 2000,, Inc. has gradually expanded its online  marketing services to reach other types of small businesses by doing business  as Today,, Inc. is a full-service Web site design,  development, hosting and marketing company that has clients throughout the  United States and Canada.