What Google Caffeine Means for SEO

Jump Start Your Web Site

As most people know by now, Google changed their algorithm significantly in May. Bruce Clay, founder and CEO of Bruce Clay, Inc., shed some light on what the Google “Caffeine” update means for SEO. Below are some of the main ideas we took away from this great presentation.


Managing Negative Online Reviews: When to Engage and When to Ignore

Managing Negative Reviews

We are getting great info at PubCon this week! Heard another great speaker, Tony Wright (CEO of WrightIMC), present information about how to effectively, manage negative reviews manage negative reviews during the “Reputation Management: Monitoring your Brands Online” panel discussion yesterday. Main things we took away from Tony are below. (more…)

How to Proactively Manage Your Online Reputation

Manage Online Reputations

At this year’s PubCon conference, co-founder and COO of Outspoken Media, Rhea Drysdale presented useful information regarding how to be proactive in managing your online reputation. Many only worry about reputation management once a problem arises, but it’s important to be proactive in creating a favorable impression for your business on the Internet. Why? (more…)

Search Engine Optimization Web Marketing Resource

SEO Marketing

As the Internet continues to expand its business potential, search engine optimization Web marketing resources are being sought out by many organizations who hope to see boosts in their online marketing ROI. Like any good marketing plan, SEO must be strategically planned and carefully implemented to achieve solid results. Let’s look at 4 things all good SEO marketing strategies should contain: (more…)

Boost your Visibility on Twitter

Visibility on Twitter

Dan Zarella, the “Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientist,” shared great information about Twitter and Facebook Optimization at PubCon today. While Facebook is about facilitating existing relationships, entertaining and making it cool for FB fans to like your business, Twitter is a whole different ballgame. Twitter is about sharing news and information—setting yourself up as the industry leader and creating a broad professional network.

Below we share some of Dan’s advice on how to boost visibility on Twitter and get those all-important retweets. (more…)

A Reflection on the PubCon Master Group Training Keynote Address by Scott Stratten

Reflections of Keynote Speaker

SonicSEO.com is at PubCon, getting insight on the future of search and social media from other industry leaders. So far, we’ve been impressed with what we’ve heard!

Scott Stratten, president of UnMarketing, gave a great keynote where he really energized the group with his insight. Here’s what we took away from this great opening: (more…)