A Reflection on the PubCon Master Group Training Keynote Address by Scott Stratten

Reflections of Keynote Speaker

SonicSEO.com is at PubCon, getting insight on the future of search and social media from other industry leaders. So far, we’ve been impressed with what we’ve heard!

Scott Stratten, president of UnMarketing, gave a great keynote where he really energized the group with his insight. Here’s what we took away from this great opening: (more…)

Search Engine Optimization that Works

SEO That Works

As a business owner, you know that today’s most advantageous advertising market is online; many people are turning to Internet search engines to find the goods and services they need. To take advantage of this lucrative market, you may have dabbled in Search Engine Optimization in order to achieve high ranking in search engine result pages and been disappointed with the results.


Things to look for in a Premier Search Engine Optimization Company

SEO Company Check List

When your business is ready to take that crucial next step into online marketing, finding a premier search engine optimization company is vital to your business plan. Here are a couple of things to look for:

  • Proof of Success—a good SEO company will have a good reputation. So, ask around in your professional circles or online. Proof of a company’s success should be available on their own website or through references. If these are not posted, just ask the company for the information. If they have delivered quality SEO for their clients, they will be happy to provide that information for you. (more…)

What Is Premium Search Engine Optimization?

Premium SEO

When a potential customers are searching for your goods or services, will they be able to find you? With premium Search Engine Optimization services, you will reach more customers exactly where they are looking for you—online. (more…)

Search Engine Optimization Proposals: What to Look For

Looking for the Right SEO Company

If you are thinking about investing in SEO services, make sure that you are getting what you pay for. As you consider a company’s Search Engine Optimization proposal make sure it includes quality strategies tailored to meeting your online marketing objectives. Quality proposals should contain the following (at minimum): (more…)

Ethical Search Engine Optimization Services

Ethical SEO

When you are looking for a company that provides ethical services for search engine optimization, it is important to know what that means. Some SEO companies claim that they have the best practices when it comes to your search engine optimization, but fail to deliver results. The scary part is that their failure to ethically optimize your site can mean dire things for you. (more…)

Top of the Search Engines

A New Look at SEO: What it Takes to Get and Keep Businesses at the Top of the Search Engines

For years, the Internet has been edging out traditional forms of advertising as the place consumers turn to for local business information.

While many people offer SEO services in an attempt to gain a piece of online marketing’s increasing market share, few have the capability to keep up with the demands of an effective SEO campaign.

In the early days of SEO, before the advent of Google, all it really took was careful attention to file names, page titles and meta descriptions to have a successful Web site. Easy for one person to do.

But today, the search engine ranking algorithms are much more complex. And getting a business’ Web site to the top of the organic listings requires more than a one-time effort.

According to Arvind Raichur, CEO and founder of SonicSEO.com, “Specialization is now imperative to successful search engine optimization. In order for an SEO firm to be successful, it must have multiple people dedicated to the specific components the search engines regard highly in their ranking algorithms. Without expert collaboration it is impossible for one person to properly design, develop and manage an SEO campaign.”

Raichur continues, “Effective search engine optimization simply cannot be done by one person. Since the search engines are looking for quality copy, you need someone who understands how to write within the constraints of what the search engines are looking for without sacrificing the quality of the material for the site’s human readers. Since the search engines are looking for quality in-bound links, you need someone who knows how to effectively evaluate the value of a link and is dedicated to establishing solid partnerships with quality Web sites. Since the search engine algorithms are constantly changing and improving, you need someone who is vigilantly watching your site’s progress and knows how to accurately interpret your Web analytics so you don’t lose ground in the search engines. And you need a comprehensive SEO strategy to tie all of these things together.”

Raichur’s company, SonicSEO.com, is developed around the idea that it takes a team effort to effectively and ethically optimize Web sites for the search engines. SonicSEO.com has 6 departments dedicated to the key components of good SEO. They have a department for SEO, Web design, copywriting, link building, statistics analysis and customer service.

It is this team approach to SEO that sets SonicSEO.com apart from the rest; and it is this team approach that has made SonicSEO.com so successful that they have over a 90% client retention rate because of their proven results.

About the Company

AllLaw.com, Inc. is a local Albuquerque company that was started in 1998 by UNM alumni Arvind Raichur, J.D. and Becky Raichur. The company began as an online attorney directory and online portal for consumers and lawyers in need of legal information. After surviving the dotcom bust of 2000, AllLAw.com, Inc. has gradually expanded its online marketing services to reach other types of small business by doing business as SonicSEO.com. Today, AllLaw.com, Inc. is a full-service Web site design, development, hosting and marketing company that has clients throughout the United States and Canada.