What to Expect in 2019

What's Next?

We are edging ever closer to the end of 2018. To maintain your search visibility in the New Year, we need to look ahead at what’s likely to be in store for the SEO world in 2019. At SonicSEO.com, here’s what we see as the drivers for search engine performance:

Shrinking Organic SERP Space

Like the algorithm used to deliver search results, the layout of those results on the page evolves, too. We’ve already seen organic search results (the blue links) get pushed down the page by sponsored ads and other search engine-owned properties. This is not (more…)

SEO Is Never Done…and What That Means For You

SEOYou have a website…check.

You’ve had that website designed and engineered by SEO professionals…check.

So, you’re search marketing is done, right?


Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, one that never really ends. Search engine algorithms and user behavior are always evolving. But what does that mean for you, a SonicSEO.com client, the small business person looking to expand your market share through the internet?

There Are Always New Strategies to Implement

Search engines are always updating their algorithms to deliver better results to their users, and they are not telling search marketers how to achieve those better results. So, search marketers must identify, adjust and test various elements to (more…)

5 SEO Myths Debunked

SEO mythsSearch engine optimization is not an exact science. Search algorithms change frequently, and with them ranking performance. But since search engine companies are not providing inside glimpses to how their algorithms rank sites, the vacuum is filled with best guesses, anecdotal information and, unfortunately, just plain misinformation.

Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation about SEO persists, leading companies to make bad decisions about their websites and internet marketing strategies. To boost your SEO success, these are some of the most pernicious myths you need to steer clear of:

Myth #1: Loading Speed Doesn’t Matter

Honestly, we’re not sure who would make up such a boldfaced lie. Page loading speed most certainly does matter especially in a mobile-first environment. If you can believe it, mobile users are even less patient (more…)

How Social Media Affects SEO

Social MediaYou do not need to be an internet marketing insider to know that social media marketing is important…and that its importance is going to continue to be a factor to companies’ search marketing success into the new year (and many years to come). But, what you may not realize is that social media in itself—the presence on any platform, how many likes or followers you have, etc.—are not actually ranking factors for your website. So, how exactly does social media affect your SEO?

It’s All about the Traffic

No matter how many iterations any search engine’s algorithm has gone through, a site’s popularity has always been (and will likely always remain) a ranking factor. And one of the best, most powerful or accurate indicators of popularity is traffic—the number of unique (more…)