How Can Humor Be Used to Enhance Social Media Engagement?

While social media platforms were originally developed for personal use, they’ve since evolved into a highly effective tool for businesses. Social media allows your business to develop its own persona, and many huge corporate brands use humor to engage with their followers. This includes companies like Wendy’s and Charmin, which are now well known for their amusing Twitter personas.


How Small Businesses Can Level the Internet Playing Field

The physical location of your small business has a direct impact on your success. If you’re located in a bustling urban center home to tons of foot traffic, chances are you’ll have a lot more patrons stopping by your establishment than if you were located in some isolated neighborhood with little to no commerce.


When Is the Best Time to Start SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the amount of organic traffic your website receives. The more visitors to your site, the better the chance that you’ll convert some or most of these visitors into paying customers. Additionally, SEO is not a one-time activity. Revisiting SEO strategies over time helps improve performance.


What We Learned From Google’s Singapore Webmaster Conference

Back in October, Google held its first ever Webmaster Conference in Singapore, a conference designed for digital marketers, website owners, SEO professionals and web developers alike. The Google Search team hosted the conference, along with the help of other influential online practitioners. The goal of the conference was to provide interested parties with knowledge they could use to enhance their websites and their performance in Google search. Though the conference was full of fun information, some was more notable than others. Below are five things we took away from the event.


Proper Use of Data Can Drive Your Online Event Marketing Strategies

Events are a great way to promote your business, provided you can compel people to actually show up. While social media is ideal for announcing dates and times of events, many people mark themselves as “going” with no follow through.

There are data driven methods you can use to further entice your followers to turn out for your events. Proper use of data not only allows you to effectively promote an event online, it can also provide valuable insight into which strategies are working, and which are not. Here are three online strategies that event marketers often use and how data makes them more impactful.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who hold a lot of social capital online. Their influence can be leveraged to promote a brand, product, or even an event that you’re holding. Influencers can be celebrities, but they can also be entrepreneurs, wellness gurus, and virtually anyone else that has a large base of followers on popular social media platforms. Influencer marketing is most effective for attracting an audience outside of your core demographic. It’s also ideal for creating a buzz around a specific event, which gets people talking online.

Once you have an influencer onboard for promotional purposes, the next step is to set up campaigns in such a way that they return valuable information. For example, when an influencer tweets a discount code to entice followers to attend a function you’re holding, that code can be tracked so you have a solid idea of sales figures. These numbers can be applied to future influencer marketing campaigns online.

Email Marketing

In light of the more advanced avenues for internet marketing, email campaigns might seem antiquated. However, email marketing is especially effective when promoting events online, provided you use the proper tactics. Again, this is a great way to target individuals who expressed initial interest but failed to follow through with a purchase of a ticket or pass.

Automating emails allows you to reach these possible attendees without a lot of leg work on your part. It also provides an opportunity to re-engage previous attendees or customers so they can renew their commitment. When creating messages to be contained within emails, reminders should highlight scarcity, i.e. that the ticket or pass won’t be available forever, while containing language to gently urge the reader to act.

Paid Social Media Marketing

You probably already know how valuable social media platforms are for your business. While many marketing tools are free on social media, these may fall short when it comes to promoting your event in a way that garners the most interest online. In this case, investing in paid social might be a better option.

Paid social sponsored ads allow you to introduce your business to your target audience. Using advanced demographic tools, you have more control over who actually sees your ads, which improves conversions. You can input factors like location, age, gender, and even interests to accurately identify the audience that is most likely to respond to your ads.

Here at, we remain on the cutting edge of innovative marketing techniques. Along with providing you skilled web design and SEO services, we also help you boost interest in upcoming promotional events by designing an online campaign to suit your needs. Contact us to learn more about how online marketing techniques can be used to promote events.

How to Locate Customer Intent Within Relevant Data

Every time a consumer searches for a product or service online, he or she generates data related to that search. As an example, Google compiles data on your location, which websites you visit, and the keywords you input every time you use its search engine. Some of this data even points to customer intent, which are the thoughts driving a person’s actions when purchasing an item or service. The more you understand customer intent, the better you can develop your website and overall marketing campaign.


5 Digital Marketing Trends of the Near Future (And Beyond)

With 2019 quickly drawing to a close, online marketers are looking towards 2020 and beyond. With the advent of new technology and consumers who are growing increasingly more sophisticated, it’s important for businesses to tailor their online marketing efforts accordingly. The following are just a few burgeoning trends and how businesses can leverage them for continued growth.


Search Intent: What It Means & How to Use It to Your Advantage

As consumers grow ever savvier, businesses must delve deeper into what truly motivates them. What triggers a person to make that leap from contemplating a product or service to finally making a purchase? And how can you position your business or brand to feature heavily throughout different phases of a customer’s buying cycle?