What You Need to Know about Paid Ads and Brand Safety

Recently, Google—YouTube and Google Ads, in particular—have come under fire because of poor ad placement. Don’t be confused—the term “ad placement” is not about the location of the ad on the screen. It’s about the what content the ad is placed next to, and that could be content that threatens the credibility or safety of your brand.


Know Your Reporting Tools: Date Range Comparison

You’ve heard us say (and not for the last time): there is nothing set-it-and-forget-it about your website. Once your website is live, then a different type of work begins—maintenance and management. Management involves the work of keeping your website performing in search and sales conversions. The only way to know what management tasks need to be prioritized is through analytics data.


5 Best Practices to Improve Your Online Shopping Cart Performance

online shopping cart

If you’ve got an online shopping cart, then you’ve got a problem—cart abandonment. On average, 69.89% of users abandon full online shopping carts, leaving products and services somewhere in cyberspace, never purchased, never to be delivered…and those sales never added to your revenue stream.

But you can increase conversion and reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment with some tweaks to your shopping cart presentation. (more…)

Managing a Website vs. Website Maintenance vs. SEO – What’s the Difference?

It’s not hard to find a website designer to create a website for you. But once you have an online presence that is “google-able,” then what? To keep your website user- and search engine-friendly amid all the changes in search algorithms and trends in user behavior, it needs constant attention. But if you don’t understand the lingo of taking care of a website, you might not be getting the right services, putting your online visibility in jeopardy.

Types of Website Upkeep

If your website is going to be a valuable asset to your business’ marketing plans, it needs to always be live and offer an excellent user experience…and user (more…)

4 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You in 2019

Any comprehensive online marketing plan should include social media. But unlike days of yore, not just any—or every—social media platform will do. To effectively use social media to market your business in 2019, there are some new strategies you may need to employ.

#1: Messaging Apps—They’re Where You Need to be to Connect

There are some industry influencers who believe that giant social media platforms have seen their peak. In other words, active daily use of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter will (slowly) decline.

Contributing to the abandonment of platforms that have been household names for years (and that’s a long time in the Digital Age) is users’ lack of trust. Users no longer have confidence that social media giants are keeping their data private or their (more…)

How to Use Mobile Stats and Trends to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Mobile usage surpassed desktop usage in 2016. Google “officialized” their priority of the mobile users experience through the mobile-first indexing initiative that finally rolled out last spring. But a responsive website is not enough to ensure online success…at least not if you want something more than increased views.

Mobile use statistics from 2018 and forecasts for 2019 can help you understand how to tweak your mobile presence for improved conversion rates.

A Refresher on Internet Statistic Lingo

Just to be clear before we dig into facts and figures, here’s how we define our terms:

User/Viewer: a human behind the mobile device actually looking at your website, ad, native app, etc.

Conversion: the process by which (more…)

How to Create a User Intent SEO Strategy

You may be wondering, “What does user intent have to do with SEO?” Simple. Search engines are in the business of delivering quality, relevant results. The relevancy of search results is largely driven by the intent behind the search—i.e., the type of information searchers are hunting for. In order to perform well in the organic search engine results pages, your pages need to do more than match searchers’ query terms; your pages need to provide the information that matches their intent. And, that may be easier than you think.

Types of User Intent

To adjust your SEO strategy to accommodate user intent, you first have to know exactly what (more…)

The Quick Guide to Using Instagram to Market Your Business

Whether you are considering adding Instagram to your social media marketing efforts or want to know how to boost the effectiveness of your existing Instagram account, you’ve come to the right place. The social media marketing pros at SonicSEO.com have put together a quick guide to help you build an Instagram presence that really works for your business.

Before You Instagram

Like any other social media platform, creating and maintaining an Instagram account will take work. So, before you dedicate countless hours compiling, editing and posting photos and videos, take some time to consider:

  1. Is Instagram right for your business?In mid-2018, Instagram reached one billion users and is steadily growing, but the presence of millions of (more…)

What to Expect in 2019

What's Next?

We are edging ever closer to the end of 2018. To maintain your search visibility in the New Year, we need to look ahead at what’s likely to be in store for the SEO world in 2019. At SonicSEO.com, here’s what we see as the drivers for search engine performance:

Shrinking Organic SERP Space

Like the algorithm used to deliver search results, the layout of those results on the page evolves, too. We’ve already seen organic search results (the blue links) get pushed down the page by sponsored ads and other search engine-owned properties. This is not (more…)

SEO Is Never Done…and What That Means For You

SEOYou have a website…check.

You’ve had that website designed and engineered by SEO professionals…check.

So, you’re search marketing is done, right?


Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, one that never really ends. Search engine algorithms and user behavior are always evolving. But what does that mean for you, a SonicSEO.com client, the small business person looking to expand your market share through the internet?

There Are Always New Strategies to Implement

Search engines are always updating their algorithms to deliver better results to their users, and they are not telling search marketers how to achieve those better results. So, search marketers must identify, adjust and test various elements to (more…)