Justin Bieber to Overtake Lady Gaga for Most Twitter Followers: Who Cares?

Justin Bieber

CNN (and numerous other news sources) reported that Justin Bieber will soon overtake Lady Gaga as Twitter’s leading account. As the Biebs inches ever closer to ultimate Twitter rule, we have to wonder: who really cares?

While seemingly just another insignificant indicator of “success,” a large Twitter following is actually more than just a cool piece of info to drop at a party. A large Twitter following shows relevance. It shows adaptability. It shows power.

Here’s why Justin’s rapid Twitter growth is big news: 


    A large Twitter following shows relevance. Let’s face it, people aren’t following Justin Beiber for his wisdom or insight on life. They’re following him because they want to know what’s going on in his life; to feel like they have a connection with the pop superstar because they have a glimpse into his personal world. He’s relevant to pop culture; and he’s made himself relevant to his fans’ day-to-day life. By creating an online space that fans find relevant to their own lives, Bieber has succeeded in using new media to create—and maintain—fans.


    Justin Bieber’s large Twitter following shows that he knows how to use the media of today to be a successful artist. He uses a host of social media platforms to connect with fans—showing that his marketing team has adapted to the new way people discover and consume music.


    By now, it’s old news that Justin Bieber mooned the world on Instagram. But what’s crazy is that his youthful indiscretion gained over 100,000 LIKES before it was removed. Getting that many people to act is power. And he’s not the only one aware of the power of social media. Just think of the many movements organized via social media during the Arab Spring and you know that Twitter is much more than a social utility—it’s a powerhouse for organizing action.

    As a business, there’s a lot to be learned from this:

    1)    You have to become relevant to your target audience’s daily life to be successful in social media. Why should they connect with you online? What do they get out of it? How are you relevant?

    2)    You have to adapt to new means of marketing and embrace the way consumers create and maintain relationships with businesses.

    3)    You have to understand that a strong social media voice gives you power—to move audiences, to enact change, to grow your business.

Building a strong social media presence is no longer something for businesses to dabble in. It’s something that should be taken very seriously as a way to advance your business and stay relevant in an increasingly digital, social market.

While you may never outpace the Biebs, you just may become the leading voice in your market.