How to Avoid Overusing Keywords in Your Copy

It is a well-known fact that content is king, and a skillfully written page can make the difference in turning a potential client into a paying customer. One of the most important aspects of writing copy for Internet marketing is the seamless incorporation of keyword phrases into the copy.

Here are several tips to help you use pertinent keyword phrases in such a way as to impress both the search engines and human visitors:

  1. No keyword stuffing.

    When search engine spiders crawl your site, they are looking for the inclusion of relevant keywords in the copy. However, they are also checking to make sure that your copy is helpful for human users. Placing as many keywords as possible into the copy does not help your potential clients, and may hurt your search engine ranking. Make sure keywords flow naturally within the copy.

  1. Grammar still matters.

    Although some keyword phrases may have odd syntax, you must be creative and figure out a way to seamlessly incorporate them without sacrificing grammar. Just because you use the phrases doesn’t mean the content makes sense. Remember, above all, it is important that the content you produce is relevant and makes sense to the people who will be reading it.

  1. Don’t forget titles, headings, and calls-to-action.

    Keywords must be strategically incorporated into your copy for maximum results. Three of the best places to use keyword phrases is in the title of the page, headings of sections within your page, and in the call to action. Using the keywords in these locations demonstrates their importance to the rest of the text on the page.

If you remember these helpful hints and write for your target audience, your content will be on the road to relevancy in the search engines and with your potential clients. Of course, there is more to successful copy than using keyword phrases; your copy must be persuasive, compelling and action-oriented. More on that later. 🙂