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SEO helps firms shine on the Internet

Bob LePage used to spend $4,000 a month advertising in the Yellow Pages. Now he spends about a quarter of that amount with the Albuquerque firm SonicSEO to keep his Web site optimized so it ranks high in results from online searches. LePage said his company, Ex-El Foam, is seeing far more business these days… Read more »

How Do Local Businesses Survive in this Economy?

Albuquerque, NM, January 4—The construction industry has been hard hit by this economy. In  the wake of the housing collapse, many local construction companies have had to  close their doors or downsize. Custom ABQ Construction is a local business owned by Robert  Pallulat. Pallulat started his business in 2007 just before the 2008-2009  recession. Starting… Read more »

A $65 Billion Advertising Shift?

Anthea Stratigos is chief executive of Outsell Inc., a media research and advisory outfit she co-founded in 1998. Its most recent annual marketing study predicts $65 billion will be siphoned away from traditional advertising channels in 2009 and spent instead on companies’ own Web sites and Internet marketing. Forbes spoke with Stratigos about where the… Read more »

A New Look at SEO: What it Takes to Get and Keep Businesses at the Top of the Search Engines

For years, the Internet has been edging out traditional  forms of advertising as the place consumers turn to for local business  information. While many people offer SEO services in an attempt to gain a  piece of online marketing’s increasing market share, few have the capability to  keep up with the demands of an effective SEO… Read more », Inc. Expands Service Offerings with

Albuquerque, NM—September 9—,  Inc., a local company that has been servicing law firms nationwide for more  than a decade, is pleased to announce a new segment of their company—  Having obtained superior success as an online marketing force for attorneys  around the nation,, Inc. has decided to expand its services to help non-legal  businesses… Read more »