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Facebook Insights we Gleaned from Dan Zarrella at PubCon

HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella is always impressive. And today didn’t disappoint! Here’s what we took away from Dan’s Facebook session at PubCon today: Know your Audience Nothing you do on Facebook will be of any value if you don’t understand who’s there. While it’s true, people across all age groups are largely active on Facebook, younger… Read more »

Building on SEO Success with Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Yesterday we discussed the importance of investing in SEO as the foundation of any good Internet marketing campaign. But the boom in social media and its marketing potential can’t—and shouldn’t—be avoided. In fact, 60% of respondents in Webmarketing 123’s 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report said they plan on increasing their SMM budget in 2012,… Read more »

Top 10 Free Tools for Keyword Research

One of the most important preliminary steps to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process is having a solid base of key term phrases to embed in your copy in order to help create higher visibility in the SERPs. Search engine spiders crawl sites and look for specific key term phrases that help them organize and… Read more »