Let Analytics Design your Landing Page

Analytics and Your Landing Page

We’ve been hearing tons of great speakers at PubCon this week! Brad Geddes, founder of CertifiedKnowledge.org, shared his expertise on creating effective landing pages on Tuesday. Here’s what we took away.

Analytics enable you to understand your niche market and how they are interacting with your landing page. Use analytics to design a landing page that meets people’s needs in every way. Couple things to consider:

Above the Fold Action
76% of clicks happen above the fold. Be aware of this when creating your landing page and make sure people can take your primary action without having to scroll down your page.
Load Time
Load time is not only an important component of good SEO, but it’s an important component for user experience.
Connection Speed
Consider whether the people who primarily visit your site are on broadband or dial-up. Be conscientious about incorporating images on your site so that people have the best experience possible.
Web Browsers
Understand what browsers people are using when they visit your site. Your landing page needs to be functional in all browsers. Be aware that Java and Flash may ruin a person’s experience if their browser does not support that.

By using analytics, you can create a more effective landing page that gets more people to do what you want them to do. Remember, landing pages are all about first impressions. Keep your potential clients happy by creating a great experience when they visit your landing page.