Klout: Taking Engagement to the Next Level

Klout logoKlout, the social media influence aggregator, has just released a coupon app for use with Facebook. For those unfamiliar with Klout, it takes data from users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts and assigns a score from 1 – 100 based on a host of different factors: followers, retweets, Facebook likes, shares, comments you make and that others make on your posts, and so on. The more friends and followers you have and the more active they are in their interactions with you, the higher your Klout score.

For its initial rollout, the Klout Facebook app is only available to major brands. Audi is the first company to build a campaign around the app.

How It Works

The Klout app allows brands to offer unique content to users who “Like” them on Facebook and have a high Klout score. The higher one’s score, the more goodies they get, such as downloadable wallpaper, access to videos, and so on.

Why It’s Different

With the Klout app, brands can now offer custom, highly personalized experiences to their fans. Let’s face it, a Facebook page is not the most exciting thing visually. While it can provide great content, everyone essentially gets the same thing. By offering a custom experience for each visitor or fan based on their individual Klout score, this app takes Facebook interactions in a whole new direction. Since social media is all about engagement, this gives companies a powerful new way to engage and create the emotional connections that are so central to the psychology of purchasing.

High Klout Scorers Have Lots of Connections

Not only will these personalized interactions help cement relationships between brands and customers, but it can also drive new business. How? People with higher Klout scores have more influence across social media. They are followed more, commented on more, talked about more. By offering incentives for people with high Klout scores to like you on Facebook, you’ll start a chain reaction—what they like tends to get liked more often by other people.

Make their Connections Work for You

Best of all, you don’t really have to do anything, apart from offering specials, freebies, and hidden content  to a small group of high-Klout scorers. The already-existing relationships between people across social media networks will do the work for you. And the more likes and fans you get, the more people will be involved in the online conversations about your business.

Whether or not the Klout app becomes available to businesses beyond the major brands remains to be seen. But it’s certainly something we’re going to keep our eyes on. As a way to ramp up fan engagement, it could be a definite game changer.