What Have You Done for Me Lately? SEO after Launch

empty office spaceSo you’ve signed an SEO contract. You’ve approved your site plan. You’ve approved your website copy. You’ve approved your web design.  Your site’s gone live. It’s doing well in the search engine rankings. Mission accomplished. So what do you need your SEO company for anymore?

Well, depending on the company, maybe nothing. If they’re not still working for you, you shouldn’t still be paying them.  But a reputable SEO company keeps very busy behind the scenes even after your site launch. Here’s how:

  • Site and Traffic Analysis—

    You need to know who’s coming to your site, where they’re coming from, what keywords they are searching for when coming to your site, what pages they are landing on, spending the most time on, avoiding, etc. This will tell you which pages are working, and which pages need work; whether or not you need to optimize for different keyword phrases; your conversion rate; and a host of other valuable information.

  • Updates—

    Your website should never be static. It’s never “finished.” Based on information gathered from site and traffic analysis, changes in your competitors’ sites, changes in search engine algorithms and new products or services, updates are an ongoing process. It’s not enough to get to the top of the search engines. You’ve got to stay there.

  • Ranking evaluations—

    A good SEO firm will keep regular tabs on your rankings for a variety of keyword phrases on all the major search engines. That way they’ll know what’s working and what’s not and make the appropriate updates—and see how those work, too.

  • Site monitoring—

    Broken links, 404 pages, and dysfunctional contact forms happen more often than anyone would like. With regular monitoring, problems will get caught ASAP (or avoided altogether), keeping your site up and running and steering clear of the harsh ranking penalties that Google and the other search engines can impose for unreliable sites.

  • Customer support—

    You’re the customer. If you have any issues, problems, or questions with your website, a good SEO firm will always take the time to address them quickly and correctly. You shouldn’t have to worry that they’re going to stop returning your calls as soon as your check clears.

At SonicSEO.com, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers. We view your business as an extension of our own. If you’re doing well, we’re doing well. And if you’re not, neither are we.  If you’ve had a bad SEO experience or just feel like you’re not getting what you paid for from the other guys, call SonicSEO.com at 888-437-3737.