Rethink Your Internet Marketing Strategy for 2017

We’re now mere weeks away from the winter holidays and ringing in the New Year. Businesses looking for an edge in 2017 may need to rethink their online marketing strategy to make sure they’re visible where people are looking for them—on mobile devices.

Mobile Search Expected to Grow

According to a study by Reuters, 75% of all Internet usage in 2017 will be on mobile devices. In fact, millions of users exclusively use their smart phones for Internet searches. As a result, mobile ads are going to be taking the lion’s share of all Internet marketing dollars.

Mobile vs. Desktop Search

If your business has an attractive, functional, user-friendly website, you may think you’re set for anything the search engines can throw at you. Mobile, desktop, it all works the same, right?

Sort of. While the same SEO strategies that will earn you top rankings in organic search results will work on mobile, too (because the algorithm is the same), Google has been rearranging the display of mobile search results, pushing organic listings way below the fold.

So what’s at the top of your smartphone’s search engine results?

Google properties:

  1. Paid ads
  2. Google My Business (GMB)
  3. Knowledge Graph (KG)

If your business makes it to these choice locations, it will take users at least two clicks to get to your website. The first link navigates to your GMB/KG “card,” a Google-owned listing that includes a link to your website.

How to Improve Your Mobile Search Performance

If your Internet marketing strategy has included little more than SEO, you need to rethink your approach for 2017. With three out of every four searches done on mobile devices and Google monopolizing the top results, you have to make yourself visible via Google properties…and that may very well mean investing in mobile ads. For local service providers, it may actually mean paying for placement in Google’s Knowledge Graph “Home Services” results.

If your marketing budget doesn’t have room for paid ads, you at least need to invest the time to update your listings in Google directories—Google My Business, Places, etc.

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