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PPC Campaigns: Why You Should Always Say Thank-You

Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) are all about gathering information. You run them to see which of your marketing strategies are most effective, or to obtain contact information for your new leads. PPC technology makes it possible to monitor the behavior of visitors – who’s clicking your links, and what they do when they arrive – but if… Read more »

SEO vs. Content Marketing or SEO AND Content Marketing?

A marketing strategy is designed to do one thing—bring customers to you. This can range from billboards to television ads to clickable banners on a website. However, consumers are learning to overlook a wide variety of traditional marketing techniques. This is why

The Many Faces of Social Media

People often talk about social media as though every site were essentially the same. In reality, each social media site has its own core demographic, culture and content strategy – and only by understanding how each site works can you choose the right social media platform to connect with your audience and craft a brand message… Read more »